WWE Raw – Elias Rocks and New Day Rocks, But in Different Ways

In part three of our Raw report, Elias rocks out with a concert with a full band, while New Day reveals plans to spread their seed all over WWE. Welcome to Bleeding Cool's WWE Raw Report. We watch Raw… for three goddamn hours… so you don't have to. You're welcome!

The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.
The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.

WWE Raw Report for October 19th, 2020 Part 3

We see a video from five months ago on Smackdown, when "Jeff Hardy" ran over Elias. Good god, that was five months ago? We've all wasted our lives watching this crap! Then we see Elias attacking Hardy last week. Then we see Elias backstage, talking to his "band." Oh boy. Raw takes a commercial break.

Elias and his band are on the stage. There's a drummer, a bass player, another guitar player, a keyboard player, and what looks like two backup singers. Elias talks about his new album, Universal Truth, coming out soon. He does the WWE Stands For… Walk With Elias call and response, which must be weird since the response is canned. Elias and his band play a song called Amen. You know… I've heard worse. At least he has real musicians backing him up here. The guitar player can shred. But Elias also plays a guitar solo, some blues scale stuff (like all of Elias's playing), but competent enough. I expected to hate this, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

Elias is about to leave, but the crowd is booing, so Elias says he's gonna do an encore. He tells the guitarist to hand him his guitar, but it's Jeff Hardy, who plays a riff on the guitar before attacking Elias with it.

Miz and Morrison talk backstage. They say they saved Mandy by getting her away from Otis, and Miz is gonna save the money in the bank contract next. Tucker walks up. He says Miz is trying to ruin Otis's life for his own personal gain. He lectures Miz on all his antics. Tuckey says he and Otis may not be on the same roster, but Tucker is gonna find a new partner and ruin Miz and Morrison's lives tonight.

Miz denies he's trying to ruin Otis's life. He's just trying to restore dignity to the Money in the Bank contract. Also, they accept Tucker's challenge because they don't think he'll be able to find a tag team partner. The New Day heads to the ring. Raw takes a commercial break.

Charly Caruso talks to Elias backstage. He's really mad that Jeff Hardy interrupted his concert. Elias thought things would change after his time off, but there's no reverence for his music. So next Monday, not only will he celebrate dropping his new album, but he'll celebrate dropping Jeff Hardy too because he wants a match with him on Sunday.

The New Day cut a promo in the ring. Kofi says it's the first time the New Day are the Raw tag team champions in four years. And a lot has changed since then. Xavier talks about everything that's gone wrong in the last year alone. Kofi tells him it'll be okay. They just have to breathe–

Sheamus interrupts. He says the New Day crying on Smackdown last week as they parted ways with Big E was embarrassing. Sheamus says since Big E is on Smackdown, that makes Kofi and Xavier two-thirds of the New Day. But because of his accent, it sounds like he says two turds.

Kofi says just because they're on different brands doesn't mean The New Day is finished. It just means they'll hold it down on two rounds. He says New Day will spread their seed (of positivity, Woods points out) all over WWE. Sheamus tells them to look at reality. The power of positivity isn't reality. The New Day is divided and divided; they'll fall.

Kofi says, speaking of falling, didn't Big E drop Sheamus on the hood of a car. Woods says he dropped Sheamus's ashy ass on the hood of a car. He says Sheamus has forgotten what it feels like to get beaten up by a member of the New Day, so he should come down to the ring and get his ass kicked by Sheamus. They do a New Day rocks chant.  Sheamus comes to the ring.

Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston

  • There's no point in even watching the first part of a match on Raw because you know it's just gonna go to commercials, which it does.
  • After the match, Sheamus is pounding on Kofi's chest. Oh my god! He dented it! He put a big dent right in the middle of… oh, that's always been there.
  • Kofi is getting beat up, but then Woods points out that Big E is on the Thunderdome screen, cheering him on. Kofi gets fired up and makes a comeback. He hits a Boom Drop and a springboard corner crossbody, but Sheamus kicks out at two.
  • Sheamus catches Kingston off a top rope dive and slams him, but Kofi kicks out. Sheamus puts Kofi in the cloverleaf, and Kofi crawls for the ropes, but Sheamus picks him up. Kofi rolls up Sheamus for two.
  • Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Sheamus reverses to an Alabama Slam for two. Sheamus goes for a White Noise off the second rope, but Kofi fights out and hits a side Russian leg sweep off the ropes instead.
  • After they exchange some pin attempts, Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise for the win.

That was a solid, above-average match that will probably be the match of the night. As New Day celebrates, Mark Henry is also spotted on the Thunderdome screens, according to commentary. I didn't see him.

There's still a main event of some sort tonight. Keith Lee vs. Braun Strowman? And a Randy Orton interview? And a Miz Match? Ugh. You know what, you probably shouldn't even bother clicking through to the fourth and final part of our Raw report. But if you want to anyway, the link is down below.

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