Wynonna Earp SDCC 2018 Press Roundtable Part 1: Oops, I Made Wynonna Cry

The Wynonna Earp train continues to roll on the SyFy channel, with season 3 having just begun the week of SDCC 2018, and then two big announcements at the SDCC panel that made Earpers (nickname given to the amazing fans of the show) scream for joy. Funko Pops will be coming in 2019, and SyFy has picked up the show for fourth season. Before those announcements were made, cast and crew showed up for press roundtable interviews, and I was so happy to be there and get to ask questions for my fellow Earpers and have it here for you to watch.

The first person to visit my table was Wynonna Earp herself, Melanie Scrofano. Two things before you watch the video. First, the beginning of the video was the end of a conversation that Melanie, myself, and fellow reporter Erik Amaya were having about Christian Spire Comics. Two weeks prior to SDCC I was going through long boxes at a local used bookstore and found a stack of Christian Spire Comics from the 1970s. I had never heard of them before, and after looking through them I found them to be a little bit crazy, so I bought all of them. By chance while talking to Erik before the interviews began, he mentioned he had happened to moderate a panel the night before while the season premiere of Wynonna Earp was being shown at the Horton Grand Theater. When we sat down with Melanie she asked if we had attended the premiere and Erik shared this info. I then started talking about the books I had picked up and Melanie's face at the very beginning of the video is her reacting to my telling her about one of the books titled Hansi: The Girl Who Loved the Swastika. Google it.

The second thing about the interview: Melanie cried answering one of the questions I asked. I didn't intend to make her cry, and I honestly felt really bad about it — but this is a show which is full of crazy, over-the-top, kick-ass moments. I fell in love with because of its heart. My question dealt with that heart and involved a scene in season 2 that caused me to cry, and I asked Melanie about it. So, forgive me for causing the tears, but the question came from a good place.

Next up was writer Beau Smith, creator of the original Wynonna Earp comic book. Beau is always a pleasure to talk to, and the love that the show's cast and crew have for each other wholeheartedly includes Beau. He is working on a new Wynonna Earp book with series star Tim Rozon called Bad Day at Blackrock.

Next was Emily Andras, the show's creator, Executive Producer, and writer. Emily is the heart of the show and driving force behind what makes it special. During the video you will likely notice a break — while recording my camera overheated and I switched to phone and spliced the videos together.

We will have three posts in all for this one. Each post will have three videos. Look out for the next two posts soon on Bleeding Cool.

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