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Todd McFarlane Halloween NYCC Poster

Todd McFarlane Draws a New Michael Myers Halloween Poster for NYCC

Todd McFarlane has gone and done something spectacular. For this weekend's NYCC, he has drawn an exclusive poster for the new Halloween film, and if it is anything like this year at SDCC, it will be fun to get. The poster is all black and white, featuring Michael Myers and his creepy face, staring back […]

Purge TV Show Poster 4

The Purge TV Show Releases 6 New Posters Ahead of September Debut

Purge fans: it is almost time. The Purge's 10-episode television event, based on the wildly successful film series, will be debuting on the USA Network in less than a month. After a very successful SDCC this year where they hosted a packed panel and amazing offsite activation, IGN today revealed six new posters for the […]

Rise of the TMNT Playmates Figures 20

Let's Take a Look at the New Rise of the TMNT Figures From Playmates

TMNT fans have had some…lets say qualms about the new animated series hitting Nickelodeon on September 17th. From the design of the characters down to the personality switches going on, this is going to be a radically different take on the Heroes in a Half-Shell. The good news is that no matter what, we will […]

Halloween 2018 Michael Myers Still 2

Halloween is Rated 'R', Surprising Literally Nobody

Halloween is getting so close to release now. Easily the most anticipated horror release of the year, Michael Myers big return to the screen has generated quite a bit of buzz since it was first announced. Blumhouse trusted the vision of director David Gordon Green and his writing partner Danny McBride, they got the blessing […]

Super7 Masters of the Universe Laughing Prince Adam 8

Super7's Laughing Prince Adam Figure is Incredible, MOTU Fans

Super7 went and made one of the best action figures of the year. Boy, I sure hope you ordered one while you can. Especially Masters of the Universe collectors. You may have laughed or scoffed at this figure, but you will regret not having it on your shelf. Let's take a look at the Laughing […]

27 Years of Kevin Conroy Batman: Bleeding Cool Interviewed the Voice of Batman at SDCC

Words, Interview, and Photos courtesy of Bleeding Cool's Jimmy Leszczynski:I am vengeance, I am the night, I am talking to voice acting icon Kevin Conroy at SDCC 2018 Kevin has done a few other things, but he is mostly known for his definitive portrayal of Batman on Batman: The Animated Series (B:TAS) and throughout the sprawling DCAU[...]

Does Adventure Time Make More Sense Now? John DiMaggio and Adam Muto Talk at SDCC

Sean Aitchison wrote for Bleeding Cool from San Diego Comic-Con: The final episode of Adventure Time is quickly approaching, bringing a close to one of the most widely loved and influential animated series of all time. At San Diego Comic-Con 2018 I took part in a roundtable interview with John DiMaggio and Adam Muto, where […]

han and leia cosplay sdcc 2018

A Perfect Han and Leia Close Out Our Last Cosplay Shots from SDCC 2018

See you next year, folks![gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="893736,893737,893738,893739,893741,893740"]More San Diego Comic-Con 2018 cosplay:29 Cosplay Shots from Wednesday at SDCC 2018 – Pennywise to Pokémon Cosplay Gallery from Thursday at SDCC: Star Wars Galore 265 Cosplay Pics From San Diego Comic-Con 2018 – From She-Hulk to Mrs Rick and Morty Captains Marvel and America and a Tree Full of[...]

San Diego Right Before Comic-Con: The Calm Before the Storm

San Diego is a beautiful city. Granted, I've only been twice, but I'm a sucker for a city by the water. In the days leading up to San Diego Comic-Con (the largest comic con in the US), shops, restaurants, and people alike prepare for the almost week-long celebration. From sales to food specials, there's something […]

Wynonna Earp SDCC 2018 Roundtable Interview Part 3: Imagining the Ships

The Wynonna Earp train continues to roll on the SyFy channel, with season 3 having just begun the week of SDCC 2018, and then two big announcements at the SDCC panel that made Earpers (nickname given to the amazing fans of the show) scream for joy Funko Pops will be coming in 2019, and SyFy[...]

tongal logo

Tongal: A New Media Company Elevating Diverse Voices

Madeline Potts writes: You may have not heard of them, but most likely you have watched content from the groundbreaking media company Tongal. With over 150,000+ filmmakers, Tongal is creating fresh video content that connects brands like Disney and Unilever with new and unique voices — or, as Tongal likes to call them, Tongalers. Through […]

Norms, Simps, Muties, and Perps Get Ready for the 2000AD Thrill Hour Recap! [SDCC]

Words and Photos courtesy of Bleeding Cool's Marcos Salinas:Moving into Saturday afternoon, SDCC 2018 was definitely running low on a dose of thrill power Luckily the editor of 2000AD, Tharg the Mighty, sent his ambassadors to San Diego to help bring in a dose! They came to chat about the recent sellout success of the 2000AD[...]


Wynonna Earp SDCC 2018 Press Roundtable Part 1: Oops, I Made Wynonna Cry

The Wynonna Earp train continues to roll on the SyFy channel, with season 3 having just begun the week of SDCC 2018, and then two big announcements at the SDCC panel that made Earpers (nickname given to the amazing fans of the show) scream for joy Funko Pops will be coming in 2019, and SyFy[...]

anovos sdcc 2018 booth

Out-of-This-World Merch from the Anovos Booth at SDCC 2018

Anovos, in a nutshell, makes cosplay dreams a reality. The stunning replicas of Star Trek uniforms, stormtrooper armor, and Marvel hero jackets are items that are absolutely drool-worthy. The items look like they stepped right off the big screen, and frankly I would love to one day own one of their Star Trek uniforms! Their […]