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1883 Reveals Taylor Sheridan's Primal Myth of the American Frontier
1883 is possibly the finest Western of the last 20 years, a revisionist take on the genre that writer-director Taylor Sheridan feels is a more authentic, tragic, and elegaic depiction of the frontier and the Oregon Trail It features the Dutton Family joining the trail to head out West to find a new life Instead[...]
Redemption Exclusive: AWA Studios' Upshot Studios Show Variant Covers
Redemption, which The Hollywood Reporter called "a new feminist sci-fi take on the classic Western," will be Faust's and Deodato's second AWA Studios project together. "Redemption #1" cover, AWA Studios, Upshot Studios Redemption puts "Unforgiven and Road Warrior in a blender, with a twist," as CCO Axel Alonso described, so no wonder that retailer Bulletproof owner Hank[...]
Yellowstone || image courtesy of the Paramount Network
Spread over an acreage larger than Rhode Island, this makes them the largest private landowner in the Bozeman area and through most of Western Montana. Yes, it's a western It has cowboys, "Indians," and even more than that, it has politics and drama It is a prestige drama unlike any other because of its western patina,[...]
Acme Ink's The Tale of a Well-Hung Man #1 Is Not Damaged, Honest
It is not damaged and should not be reported as being so." Cover to Acme Ink's The Tale of a Well-Hung Man #1. Hre's how the comic book was solicited: TALES OF A WELL HUNG MAN #1 (OF 4) ACME INK FEB201376 (W) Ken Thomas (A) Gary Crutchley (CA) Alan Robinson, John Hageman Westerns are back! This anthology will take you places[...]
Bass Reeves #1 Review: A Bigger Than Life Legend
The myth we establish for Reeves is mostly hearsay and hyperbole, aside from post-game statistics. This is interesting work that establishes a new paradigm for a western but falls just short of glory RATING: HONORABLE MENTION. With a great sense of style and a laser-like determination, this book does a great job establishing the legend of[...]
"Rainbow Six Siege" Introduces The "Showdown" Limited Event
This event will run from July 2nd until July 16th, giving you two whole weeks to rack up as many points as you can and enjoy a simpler western-themed version of the game The mode is pretty basic as you will be playing gunslingers from the wild west in a "secure area type" mode with[...]