Zoolander Highlights Ben Stiller/Steve Martin Super Bowl Pepsi Ad

Zoolander's return and more fun moments highlight Ben Stiller and Steven Martin's Super Bowl ad for PepsiCo's Pepsi Zero Sugar.

It's not just Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez having fun during the NFL's Super Bowl LVII (with the Philadelphia Eagles taking on the Kansas City Chiefs as we're writing this). To promote its new Pepsi Zero Sugar, PepsiCo enlisted two impressive names to help answer the question… "Great Acting or Great Taste?" But while Steve Martin and Ben Stiller may take two completely different approaches to get their messages across to us, one thing is clear. They love Pepsi Zero Sugar… right? Because they have "great taste." Unless… maybe they really are great actors. Hmmm…

Image: PepsiCo

So for a look at how two master thespians such as Martin and Stiller ponder the question… "Great Acting or Great Taste" (though we're pretty sure we know what PepsiCo wants them to choose), here's a look at Martin & Stiller's respective ads (with a familiar face returning in Stiller's video):

"It's been great fun to collaborate with Pepsi and the entire crew and creative team on this spot," said Stiller when the campaign was first announced. "I think the idea of whether or not an actor actually believes what they are saying when they do a commercial is a fun idea to play with. Though there is really no question, Derek Zoolander believes what he is saying, even though he doesn't know what it means." Martin added, "I love that I'm working with my mortal enemy, Ben Stiller. Doing a Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl commercial is an honor next only to being a Quarterback – no tackling." Now, here's a look back to Stiller & Martin going commercially passive-aggressive as a lead-up to tonight's Super Bowl ads:

"Consumers today are skeptical towards advertising, often unsure of what is real and what is just acting, which is magnified on advertising's biggest night, the Super Bowl, when brands bring in actors and celebrities to help pitch their products," said Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer – Pepsi. "Since we just launched our upgraded Pepsi Zero Sugar product with a new and improved taste, we wanted to flip this norm on its head, stoking a conversation about what is real and what is acting with two iconic actors in their own right. In this epic new 'Great Acting or Great Taste?' campaign, Ben and Steve humorously blur the lines between what is real and what is acting while unveiling the most simple truth of all – the only way to really know is to try it yourself. We at Pepsi are putting our money where our mouth is, giving away up to 10 Million free bottles of Pepsi Zero Sugar, empowering fans everywhere to truly taste it and decide for themselves."

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