Lying In The Gutters – 7th March 2016 – In Store Kicked Off!

2016-03-05 (19)That was the In-Store Convention Kick-Off, and for the second year in a row, Bleeding Cool was the only news site to report it live.

Add to that the first script reads of Powerless and Riverdale reported and and more Rebirth scoops leaking, well, it was a busy week for Bleeding Cool. Let's see what you wanted to read the most….

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

1. Robert Kirkman Is A Big Fat LIar (Walking Dead Spoilers)
2. I've Just Read The Pilot Script To DC Comics And NBC's New Comedy, Powerless
3. DC Comics Returns To Continuity, Leaves Previews For A Month And Dan DiDio's Favourite Rebirth
4. Marvel Announces Civil War II: X-Men #1
5. I've Read The Pilot Script For Riverdale – Archie Comics With F-Bombs, Murder Noir And Sex With Teachers
6. Unsolicited Opinions On Angela's New Costume
7. Deadpool's Example Could "Ruin Franchises For Generations" – Brian Bendis
8. Dan Jurgens Is The New Writer For Action Comics Bi-Weekly?
9. Get A Good Look At Mass Effect: Andromeda's Protagonist Design
10. Joss Whedon Returns To Marvel Comics For Captain America
11. The Upcoming Choices Of Frank Cho
12. Bryan Singer Developing R-Rated Red Sonja Series For Television
13. …And This Is Why I Love Gail Simone… Second Edition
14. #BlackSuperheroesMatter – Spider-Man And Iron Man Spoilers
15. Our New Batman Gains A Few Pounds A.K.A. A Matt Damon
16. Frank Miller To Replace Jim Lee On Dark Knight III #4 Mini-Comic?
17. DC Comics Ch-Ch-Changes – Batgirl To Midnighter
18. Speculator Corner: Justice League Europe #6, The First Appearance Of Crimson Fox
19. 32 Thoughts About 31 Of Today's Comics – For Deadpool, Batgirl And Avengers
20. The 'Better Call Saul' Burner Phone Just Texted Me…

And Ten You May Prefer

1. Paul Ryan, Artist For The Fantastic Four And The Phantom, Has Died
2. DC Comics Rebirth: The Bi-Weekly Comics Will Still Be 20 Pages Long
3. No, Shang-Chi Is *Not* Appearing In The Marvel Iron Fist Netflix Show
4. No Fantastic Four In Civil War II – But The Fantastic Two
5. First Look: Civil War II #1 Pages 3, 4 And 5
6. Rob Williams To Write Jim Lee's Suicide Squad
7. Neal Adams To Redraw Superman Vs Muhammad Ali, With Harley Quinn
8. Nineties Bad Girl Comic Rebooted As Revenge Fantasy Against Misogynist Trolls And Haters
9. Matthew Rosenberg And Moritat On Black Canary #9
10. Batgirl Team Has A New Comic From Image Together?

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