BC Mag #4: Chewing On Bubblegun

BubbleGun-01a-Regular-Bowden_1Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston

On the surface, BubbleGun looks a lot like its namesake – a colorful fun romping adventure that is sorta like bubblegum, a great distraction that provides a sugary splash on the taste buds. The vibrant colors, anime influenced art style, and cybersexy characters should be familiar to DC / Ame-Comi Girls fans. Mike Bowden's pencils pick up where he left off with the unique stylized art of World of Warcraft mixed with something similar to Pop Mhan's kinetic work on Spyboy. But Mark Roslan's story of BubbleGun is something altogether different. The story centers around two sisters – Molli and Devyn, who make up half of a team of cyber mercenary thieves. Together with their teammates, Roman and Kyo, they plan and execute cyber tech heists, liberating the technology for paying gigs and sometimes just for themselves. The team is equipped with some fancy cybernetic weapons and suits, which set the stage for the series and give us some pretty entertaining visuals. The two sisters are strong female heroes cut from the Buffy Summers or Veronica Mars cloth – tough, flippant, and sexy women that set a great standard. In case you haven't noticed, this isn't your usual run of the mill sci-fi snatch and grab tale. These cyber thieves may be the best around but even they aren't prepared for what they stumble into during an anything but routine job. When they discover a mysterious package with contents that threaten to destroy them from within and send them hurtling into a world of espionage with the highest of stakes.

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