Marvel's Her-Oes – Teenage Female Superhero Comic Actually Written By A Woman

I know, it's a surprise. A Marvel comic book featuring female teenage versions of Marvel superheroes, ostensibly aimed at a female teenage-or-younger market, and actually written by a woman. As opposed to a fat bearded man like me tapping away on a keyboard pretending to know what it's like to be one and exactly what it is they want to read.

The superhero comics industry is littered with people like me doing just that. Can you believe it took untilte last few years for a woman to write Wonder Woman for any length of time? The Minx line seemed to be very heavily male-creator-based. And have we all forgotten… Trouble?

And so we have Her-Oes, okay, cheesy name, but hey. And a Marvel Her-Oes logo may help it in any trademark battles with a certain TV show. Tagged at the weekend by Bleeding Cool, CBR has revealed it's written by Grace Randolph and drawn by Craig Rousseau, reinventing Marvel characters at high school, starring  Janet Van Dyne and Jenny Walters with a bunch of other familiar faces such as Carol Danvers and Namora.

Just the kind of thing the superhero industry needs to be putting out more of.

Although, despite best intentions, you know it's actually going to be read by fat bearded men like me…

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