This Captain America Is Not By Jack Kirby

$_57No, this Captain America sketch, though signed from Jack Kirby, is not by Jack Kirby. Not even a little bit. That doesn't stop it being sold on eBay as if it were by Jack Kirby for $2000 Australian dollars. The listing reads…

Was brought from an elderly gentlemen who in turn brought it from a Kirby Collector in the US back in the 90's and drawn in the 80's. There is some damage as he lost a portion of his collection in a fire. (Please refer to pictures). There is no COA with this piece and sold as is. Welcome to ask any questions or make an offer. And please have a look at my Romita Sr piece also for sale

Yes, let's have a look…

$_57 (1)

It's not much better is it? It seems that more time has been spent on the signature than the art.

The seller has other listings with sketches by Charles Schulz, Francis Manapul, Joe Kubert and Dale Eaglesham... anyone care to make a judgment?



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