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Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: aka Pork Chop

This article contains spoilers for Marvel's Jessica Jones season 2 episode 'aka Pork Chop'.

aka Pork Chop
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And we're back into the dense episodes like the first six. It opens with Alisa (Janet McTeer) in prison being walked to the visitors room by five heavily armed guards. She is in some serious shackles and doesn't have her wig. She meets with Jessica (Krysten Ritter) and Jeri (Carrie-Anne Moss) who tell her that if she confesses and tells them where to find Karl (Callum Keith Rennie) then she can stay at that prison where she can have visitors instead of going to the Raft. She refuses. Jessica is obviously upset about it. Meanwhile Trish (Rachael Taylor) gets her audition with ZCN but it goes horribly. She hears that Alisa was arrested and calls Jessica. They all meet at the Alias office where Jessica tells both Trish and Malcolm (Eka Darville) everything. He seems to be doing okay after his inhaler hit, but is treating it like a drug relapse. Trish admits to using the inhaler and that it's now empty. She tries to talk to Malcolm, but he pushes her away saying they both have holes in their souls and that they're not friends anymore. Oscar (J.R. Ramirez) reaches out to Jessica to try and help.

Trish goes to a laboratory where she tried to get them to recreate what was in the inhaler. They say that the can't and wouldn't. They could figure out the active ingredient and what was in there would be toxic if taken by humans with really bad side-effects. Jessica goes to see Jeri, she has an idea and wants her to delay Alisa's transfer. Jeri thinks Jessica is going to kill Karl, so she introduces her to Shane (Eden Marryshow) as an example of the good Karl did. Jessica is skeptical and goes to visit her mom. Through guarded conversation, she gets where Karl is hiding. When being taken back to her cell, the head guard Dale (Brian Hutchinson) tries to force Alisa to eat a pork chop. Alisa breaks free and could easily kill Dale, but throws him out of her cell instead. Jessica finds Karl and tells him that she is going to get him out of the country so her mom can confess and avoid the Raft. She takes pictures of him for a fake passport. She asks how many others there are like her, Robert and Shane. He has no idea who Shane is and never had a healing patient.

Trish goes to see Alisa, wants to know where Karl is. Alisa tells her that everyone that died was to stop Trish's investigation. And that Trish doesn't really love Jessica, she's jealous that she doesn't have any powers. Alisa tells her that Jessica will always choose her mother over Trish. Trish finds Jessica at Oscar's place. They fight over Karl and letting him go. Trish is obsessed with finding him. She ends up knocking on Malcolm's door and they have sex. Back at the prison Dale has had electronic shackles installed and painfully shocks Alisa until he can force feed her the pork chop. Jessica heads to the prison and finds Jeri there. Alisa has signed the deal and will confess the next day. Jessica tells her that Inez (Leah Green) and Shane are frauds. Jeri refuses to believe it. Jessica visits her mom and let her know she's about to get Karl out of town. Jessica sees the electrical burns on Alisa's wrists and figures out that it's Dale.

Malcolm agrees to help Trish find Karl because they believe Jessica isn't thinking straight. He finds the photos of Karl on her cloud account and gets the GPS location from them. Jeri gets home and discovers Inez and Shane have robbed her blind and left, meaning she still has ALS. Jessica starts looking into Dale while following him. He got fired from another prison for having too many "suicides" on his watch. Trish and Malcolm find the hotel and the room Karl is in. Malcolm goes to the trunk to get a weapon, Trish knocks him out and shoves him in the trunk. She plans to see Karl alone. Meanwhile Jessica followed Dale home, waits until he goes back out and breaks in. While looking she trips an alarm. She discovers that Dale has been keeping trophies of the dead inmates. Before she can do anything, Dale returns and sprays her with mace. He then starts beating her with his baton while yelling that she attacked him and it was self-defense. She takes a few serious hits before take the baton away and hitting him in the head with it once. He falls down… apparently dead.

This episode went off the rails at the end very quickly. You saw it building, but Trish seems obsessed with getting powers at any cost and if the writers want to do it, they could make it the motivation for her drug abuses, etc. Growing up with a super powered sister could have pushed her to bad places. And things just got very bad for Jessica having killed someone else. I have a feeling things are going to get even worse before they get better.  We have 3 episodes left and we've yet to see Kilgrave (David Tennant). My bet is he pops up next episode in her mind.

Rolling towards the finish line…

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