Funko's NYCC Lottery System – Our Final Judgement

Orders are finally being received as part of Funko's New York Comic Con Virtual Con 4.0. There was a lot of controversy surrounding Funko after they announced the recent convention would have a lottery system. The lottery system entailed Funko Fan Club members having the opportunity to get first dibs on all exclusives in the FunkoShop. The "early access" went up a day before and would reopen the next day to the general public with any leftovers. The biggest concern for the lottery was hacking attempts with bots. However, Funko did reach out and mentioned they halted over 1 million bots in the attempt to solicit fake accounts into the lottery drawing. When lottery invites finally went out, it was quite mysterious as many collectors did not even know what was happened. I would have rather got an email saying I was not a winner then not getting one at all. This would have allowed some sort of closure for the event instead of checking and rechecking your email and spam folder. I was not lucky enough to get into the lottery, which is fine since I have never been to the actually New York Comic Con either.

The point of Funko announcing the NYCC Virtual Con 4.0 is because of the current world events. It is amazing that they are offering alternative ways for fans to get NYCC 2020 official stickered Pops in general. Making this convention virtual opens the door to many fans who would never even be able to make it in person. While a lottery system seemed harsh at the beginning, it wasn't until after it ended that it was actually a blessing. With simple, fast, and smooth transactions across the board and no issues at the checkout, unlike SDCC. Lucky collectors got to purchase exclusives like Bloody Ben and Snake as if they were at the convention. The biggest plus was the following general public release, as many of the exclusives did not sell out on the first day and were available.

Above is Zombie Daredevil, who is not the biggest Funko Pop to release for NYCC, but it's the one I was able to purchase myself. Robin Sparkles sold out before I could get her, but this Pop I managed to get myself and wears that official sticker with pride. I've never purchased an official convention stickered Pop except for these online releases. Being able to get one myself is a feature in itself and only possible from the NYCC Lottery System. Funko limited each Pop to 1 per person, which helped greatly, and while it is impossible to stop flippers and non-collectors, it was fun to be a part of it. Funko might be on to something with a system like this, and it, of course, will not everyone, but it'll make it easy and fun for Funko to sell great collectibles to some great Funatics.

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