Iron Man Goes Translucent With 800th Cosbaby From Hot Toys

Hot Toys hits a new landmark as they announce their 800th Cosbaby figure. Iron Man will be getting a new special release to mark the moment as it will feature a new holographic design of the iconic Marvel hero. The Iron Man Mark L armor returns and featuring the iconic red and gold color with a new translucent variant. The Hot Toys Cosbaby figure will feature LED light-up function and will showcase Tony Stark in his tracksuit on the inside. The packaging will also include a special exclusive card adding extra depth and detail to the box.

This Iron Man design It's very fun and pretty unique, and it something we don't really see often. I design like this makes me think of Tony Stark when he's in his armor with that translucent look. It kind of looks like the display that we see when viewing him on a screen. This is a great and fun figure for Hot Toys to release as their 800th figure and will be a great addition to any Iron Man fans collection. It is unsure if this figure will go up on their online market, but fans can find Hot Toys Cosbaby and other Hot Toys figures located here.

"Hot Toys Cosbaby has been constantly capturing fan-favorite characters in the finest details from movie productions and translating them into fun, stylish collectibles. Today, Hot Toys is delighted to introduce Iron man Mark L (Holographic Version) as a special release that marks our 800th Cosbaby! "

"Features a translucent variant of Iron Man Mark L that preserves the iconic red and gold color, Tony Stark with arc reactor in track suit is made visible from exterior. This Cosbaby measures approximately 10.5cm tall comes with LED-light up function and bobble-head function. A specially designed layered display with exclusive card is also included in this special package. Available only in selected markets."

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