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Back to the Futures Comes to Hot Toys With New Cosbaby Figures
Back to the Future returns as Hot Toys has announced new Cosbaby figures are coming soon for the hit sci-fi film Both of your favorite time travelers are back with Doc Brown and Marty McFly getting the Cosbaby treatment Both figures are designed after the beginning scenes of the film when they test out the[...]
Miles Morales Spider-Man Gets New Suits With Hot Toys Cosbaby
Hot Toys has picked up on some of these suits, and they have reveals four new Mile Morales Cosbaby figures Four suits, in particular, have been created with: Bodega Cat Suit with Spider-Cat Spider-Man 2020 Suit Purple Reign Prowler Suit Programmable Matter Suit Each of these Spider-Man: Miles Morales suits is a task to get from the 2020 Suit only[...]
Iron Man Goes Translucent With New Cosbaby From Hot Toys
Hot Toys hits a new landmark as they announce their 800th Cosbaby figure Iron Man will be getting a new special release to mark the moment as it will feature a new holographic design of the iconic Marvel hero The Iron Man Mark L armor returns and featuring the iconic red and gold color with[...]
Spider-Man Miles Morales Joins Hot Toys With New Cosbaby Figures
We have already seen that they announced a special 1/6th scale figure, and now things get a little smaller as they debut new Cosbaby figures Miles Morales is getting five brand new Cosbaby figures from Hot Toys, each featuring their own unique style and pose Up first is the Winter Suit version that shows off[...]
WandaVision Take on Halloween with New Hot Toys Set
In the meantime, Hot Toys announces a new Cosbaby set to fit the occasion and perfect for Halloween Wanda and Vision are bundled together and are ready to trick-or-treat with this special set They are both wearing they are comic accurate costumes as seen in the WandaVision show They will stand roughly 4 inches tall[...]
Marvel Zombies Walk the Earth with New Hot Toys Cosbaby’s
It is time to rave from the superhero grave once again as Hot Toys announces a new wave of Marvel Zombies Cosbaby figures This is the second wave of Marvel Zombies Cosbaby figures that they have released This wave adds some extra undead flavor to some already released characters with new variants There are six[...]
Loki and Iron Man Get Super-Sized Cosbaby’s from Hot Toys
Hot Toys continues with its Cosbaby figure line into the world of Marvel Two new figures have been announced and they are getting a super-sized treatment Coming up first is Undead Iron Man from Spider-Man: Far From Home Mysterio's illusions have tainted the mind of Spider-Man and he sees the one thing that haunts him[...]
Hot Toys Reveals Two New Iron Man MCU Cosbaby Figures
Hot Toys is giving Marvel Cinematic Universe fans a blast from the past with the new Cosbaby figure from Iron Man and Iron Man 2 Up first is Tony Stark in his workshop from the first film as he starts his tests for his new suit Unlike most Cosbaby figures, this one comes with a[...]
Hot Toys Digs Up Some Marvel Zombies with Their Newest Reveal
This time, however, Hot Toys is jumping on into the fun with some new Cosbaby figures There are 8 figures in total getting zombified covering a nice variety of iconic Avengers and X-Men characters Each figure is beautifully crafted with gruesome detail and will stand roughly 4 inches tall Starting things off with the Avengers[...]
More Venomized Cosbaby Figures Arrive with Hot Toys
Hot Toys is at it again as they announce a new wave of Venomized Cosbaby figures This design comes out of the animated cartoon Spider-Man: Maximum Venom There are 6 figures in total each one shows off come symbiotic chaos starting things of first is a couple of venomized wall-crawlers with Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, and Miles[...]
Venom Snacks on Some Candy in the Newest Hot Toys Cosbaby Figure
Hot Toys is taking fans back to the 1980s with their newest Venom Cosbaby figure This parasite is not out for blood this time but has a massive sweet tooth Hot Toys has announced two new Cosbaby figures featuring Venom with some sweet treats The first one features Venom with a chocolate bar and is[...]
Logan and X-23 Join The Hot Toys Cosbaby Line
Hot Toys is changing that though with a pair of adorable Cosbaby figures We have seen quite a few X-Men Cosbaby figures from X-Men: Apocalypse and X2 This time Wolverine and his new mysterious daughter Laura are front and center This Cosbaby bundle is packed with detail that can pull in any fan of Logan[...]
X-Men X2 Returns with New Hot Toys Cosbaby Figures
Hot Toys has announced that the sequel to X-Men X2 is getting the Cosbaby makeover Cyclops, Wolverine, and Storm are all back and ready for action Cyclops will be wearing his all-black outfit and will have a light up visor Wolverine is sporting his back and yellow spandex X-Men costume with his claws popped Storm[...]
X-Men Professor X and Magneto Get Hot Toys Cosbaby Figures
Hot Toys has been releasing quite a few Cosbaby figures lately This series is not for everything but they are nicely detailed and capture adorable depictions of some of your favorite characters This time the X-Men are front and center and the first film hits its 20th year anniversary Coming out of X-Men Apocalypse, Professor[...]
Deadpool 2 Gets New and Adorable Cosbaby Figures from Hot Toys
Hot Toys has announced that more Marvel Cosbaby figures are on the way This time they are coming to us from Deadpool 2 There are three characters in this wave with Deadpool, Cable, and the Juggernaut All three stand roughly 4.5 inches tall and are just packed with adorable detail that features that unique Cosbaby[...]
Hot Toys Officially Announces DC Comics CosRider Collectibles
This series is creating something quite unique as they are taking their unique Cosbaby design up a notch with these Using the style of vintage coin-operated amusement rides and combining it with some of your favorite DC characters Each character and vehicle set featured coin operated design, original musical tunes when started, rocking motion, LED[...]
The Avengers Assemble With New Cosbaby’s from Hot Toys
Hot Toys is bringing back the original Avengers line up with their new Cosbaby figures All 6 members return with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye Iron Man is only one who will feature and extra as he will light up Each Hot Toys Cosbaby Avenger is back in their classic[...]
Black Widow Gets Wave of Cosbaby Figures from Hot Toys
Hot Toys has announced that Black Widow will be getting her own wave of Cosbaby figures There will be three main figures, a two pack, and a special bundle with one figure and 3 minis First up is the two pack that shows her off Natasha in her new Snow Suit and is bundled with[...]
Disney Princesses Gets Royal Cosbaby Figures from Hot Toys
The Disney Princesses are together again as Hot Toys has announced a new wave of Cosbaby figures There will be six princesses in this reveal and each of them will have a variant that features a creamy pascal coloring scheme Each princess comes in at roughly 4 inches tall, will have a rotating head, base,[...]
Venomized Marvel Heroes Get New Cosbaby Figures from Hot Toys
Hot Toys has announced some new upcoming Venomized Cosbaby figures that have taken over some of our favorite Marvel Heroes There are eight characters coming out and most will feature special effects from a luminous glow to possible light up features On top of that, each will have a specialized venomized packaging to give the[...]
Spider-Man Is Ready for a Costume Change with New Cosbaby Hot Toys
Hot Toys is bringing some of these suits alive with their newest wave of Cosbaby figures Some of these Spider suits will have a magnetic insert to allow for the ultimate display as well as luminescent eyes There will be 6 suits: Spider-Man Advanced Suit (PS4), Cyborg Spider, Spider 2099 (White), Future Foundation, Spider Armor[...]
Wonder Woman Cosbaby Hot Toys
Hot Toys has announced 4 new Cosbaby figures that are on their way Three of which are different variants of the Golden Armor Wonder Woman which seems to be hight produced with the promotion of the film. I do love this new armored look and we did see plenty of Wonder Woman in her new outfit[...]
Marvel Studios Avengers: Endgame Cosbaby Figure
The Hot Toys Cosbaby line continues to grow as they have announced seven new Avengers: Endgame figures This isn't the first time we have seen these figures but this time they are getting bobble makeovers This time some of your favorite female superheroes are on their way and ready for your collection Gamora, Rescue, Wasp,[...]
“The Dark Knight” Joker’s Thugs Stage a Robbery with Hot Toys 
This time Hot Toys has announced new Cosbaby collectible from this classic superhero film that has some awesome packaging Each Joker Thug is nicely designed and crafted and carrying their own weapon The clown masks are simple and sweet and the red and whites really pop On top of that, the packaging is amazing as[...]
Batman 1966 Gets Adorable with New Hot Toys Cosbaby Figures 
The Hot Toys Cosbaby line just keeps expanding their Batman figures This time it looks like we are going retro as 1966 has arrived These adorable figures features the iconic characters that Adam West and Burt Ward brought to life all those years ago Both figures are posed in a running position as if they are ready for[...]
“The Mandalorian” Cosbaby Figures Finally Revealed by Hot Toys 
They finally have opened up and shown us some of their first products with their Cosbaby line We will get not only Baby Yoda but the Mandalorian and the Heavy Mandalorian These Baby Yoda figures are truly adorable and I think they are a lot better than a lot of the ones we have seen[...]
"Batman Forever" Cosbaby Figures Arrive with Hot Toys
Hot Toys is really showing their Batman love this week with a whole line of upcoming Cosbaby figures We have already seen The Dark Knight, Batman Returns, Arkham Knight, and now Batman Forever is here This wave isn't the biggest but it is packed with adorable detail and worthy of the Csbaby line[...]
“Batman Returns” Receives Cosbaby Collectibles from Hot Toys
The Hot Toys Cosbaby line is still pretty new and is quite unique We have seen a lot of Batman movies getting these collectibles lately and it looks like Batman 1989 is next These figures act like they want to compete with Funko but I can get more of a Dorbz vibe rather than the Pop vibe[...]
“Batman Returns” Receives Cosbaby Collectibles from Hot Toys
Hot Toys is keeping the bat alive with a new wave of upcoming Cosbaby figures We have already seen a release of The Dark Knight figures and it looks like this film is up next Three characters are coming out of this film, Batman, Catwoman, and the Penguin Both Catwoman and Penguin have two figures[...]