Hot Toys Reveals Two New Iron Man MCU Cosbaby Figures

Hot Toys is giving Marvel Cinematic Universe fans a blast from the past with the new Cosbaby figure from Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Up first is Tony Stark in his workshop from the first film as he starts his tests for his new suit. Unlike most Cosbaby figures, this one comes with a nice assortment of accessories like a working desk with an Iron Man helmet, robot helper Dum-E, and a special back drop that recreated the workshop. This figure gives fans a nice look back at the origins of Iron Man which is nice to see after his sacrifice during Avengers: Endgame. The next Cosbaby set from Hot Toys features Iron Man in his Mark V suit and this villainous Whiplash. The Mark V Armor will feature LED light-up as he takes starts his fight with this new baddie. As this scene takes place on the race track, Hot Toys has included a special backdrop to allow the collector to show it off. Both of these Iron Man figures feature that adorable Cosbaby design and will be fun collectibles for any fan.

Pre-orders have not gone live just yet but fans will be able to find them located here through Sideshow Collectibles. The Cosbaby figure line is pretty unique but each figure is nicked detail and will make a fun addition to any collection. With the extra like accessories and the diorama display, it is hard to know the exact price of these figures too I can imagine at least a $30 price at a minimum.

"Taking inspiration from Tony Stark's workshop in the first Iron Man movie, Hot Toys is excited to introduce Tony Stark (Mech Test Version) Cosbaby that perfectly translates the dream office and robotic assistant into adorable collectibles.  Recreating Tony Stark in his prototype Iron Man suit for a flight test, the collectible also includes accessories such as his Dum-E mechanic assistant, working desk with Iron Man helmet, and a specially designed backdrop inspired by Tony Stark's workshop to complete the whole diorama setting. Cosbaby measures approximately 11cm tall with bobble-head function; diorama accessories measures approximately 2.5 – 9.5cm tall.

"Tony Stark's Mark V suitcase armor is a sophisticated system designed to carry, protect and charge armors. As one of the major early highlights of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hot Toys is bringing Whiplash and Iron Man Mark V as adorable Cosbaby from Iron Man 2!  Captures the detail look of a thirsty revenge character, Whiplash in a tech-powered suit holding his electrified whips weapon is to challenge Iron Man; while Iron Man Mark V with LED light-up function in striking pose is fully prepared for the battle against the villain. Includes with a specially designed backdrop inspired by race tracks for diorama setting. Collectibles measure approximately 9.5 – 10cm tall with bobble-head function."

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