Move over Baby Yoda, Star Wars: Galactic Pals Are the Next Big Thing

The Mandalorian really changed up the Star Wars landscape, adding a new level of adorableness to a galaxy far, far away. It is no surprise that a baby version of Master Yoda sold so well, and now more babied aliens are here. Last month, Star Wars Kids revealed a new mini-series on YouTube titled: Star Wars Galactic Pals. The show features the droid M1-RE, who is a member of the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts and her studies. The study includes the focus on a wide variety of well-known Star Wars species with Ortolans, Hutts, Jawas, Wookies, Ewoks, and many more on the Youngling Care Space Station.

These adorable alien babies are peak cuteness factor, and Mattel even released some special Galactic Pal-inspired plushes. These plushes figures can be found in Target stores now, and four alien babies are here with the Wookie, Ewok, Jawa, and the Rodian. Our friends over at Mattel sent us some of these Galactic Pals to checkout, and no better day to showcase our review than May the 4th. We received both Rodian and Ewok babies, and these adorable little cuties are fantastic collectibles for kids (and maybe even adults). 

Both Galactic Pals come strapped in a simple box similar to the plush Grogu we first got at the beginning of The Mandalorian. Their retrospective alien homeworlds are located on the packaging, with is fun with both babies strapped in. Mattel's Galactic Pals will come with a satchel that holds the critter, and they feature a plush body with a hard head. Their design is remarkably comfy, and the big-eyed sculpt is just adorable. The Rodian's eyes are captivating, and you can just get sucked up into the cute factor of the Ewok. Star Wars fans are in trouble with these Galactic Pals as they are exactly what you want and more. 

The satchels are fun, allowing kids to stop this little guy for their next Star Wars adventure. The head sculpts are fantastic, and they do not rotate, which is a plus in my book. My little younglings love these little critters, and it is nice to see baby versions of these classic Star Wars aliens arrive. I am sure this is easily Wave 1 of the Galactic Pals, and maybe we will even get a Hutt or Lothcat in the line next. Be sure to find all four Star Wars Galactic Pals plush figures in store now and online here. If the Rodian and Ewok are this cute in person, then I can only imagine the Jawa and Wookie are just as great. Be sure to add one of these Pals to your collection for yourself or your youngling. May the 4th be with you. 

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