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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Hot Toys Echo – The Resurrected Soldier 

We take a look at another Hot Toys as we enter the world of The Bad Batch once again as Echo joins the fight 

Good soldiers follow orders as a new episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch has arrived on Disney+. This impressive series continues The Clone Wars adventures but in a new era after the rise of the Empire. One of my all-time favorite Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes is "Rookies" from the first season. That story really introduced you to some different Clone Troopers, including Captain Rex, Commander Cody, Fives, Hevy, and Echo. Echo has had a very intense journey through the show, and it was in Season 7 that we found out about his mysterious fate. With the help of Clone Force 99, Echo comes back to life with some new robotic elements, giving him an edge over his enemies. The Bad Batch fans have seen Echo grow in two seasons since, and they can even bring him home with an impressive figure from Hot Toys. 

Thanks to our friends at Sideshow Collectibles, we are able to get a closer look at this 1/6 scale figure. Coming in at 12" tall, Echo joins the Clone Force 99 with a remarkable figure that is packed with accessories. Echo is one heck of a clone trooper who made it from a rookie all the way to an ARC Trooper. This figure captures all that and more with two impressive head sculpts with unmasked and helmeted designs. These figures feature a more realistic take on The Bad Batch character, which is something special. Hot Toys put a lot of detail into capturing this soldier, just right from the pale skin, mechanical elements, and even the newly sculpted helmet. 

Star Wars fans will have a blast with all the accessories that are included with Echo, unlocking his own arsenal. Due to his The Clone Wars injuries, Echo now wields a prosthetic arm that only helps enhance his skill with machines. Hot Toys included five different components allowing for a wide variety of displaying options to take on any situation. This consists of a computer interface arm, manipulator arm, jackhammer arm, grasper arm, and a standard utility arm for weapon holding. All of these designs are beautifully crafted, and all feature a secondary option allowing for extending display or showing off the arms in use. The weathering armor only enhances all of these gadgets, and The Bad Batch fans will be impressed with each arm that they decide to use. 

Bring Home the Clone Force 99 Team with Hot Toys

If you love Clone Troopers, The Clone Wars, or The Bad Batch, then these are the figures for you. A lot of passion was put into these figures, Echo is priced at $285 (found here) and he is currently joined by Clone Force 99 Leader Hunter (which we showcased here). Hunter is currently the only other clone that is currently available for purchase here, and the rest already have release dates and pre-order links. Collectors can find Crosshair here, Wrecker here, and lastly, Tech right here, allowing fans to complete the team. Each of these Clones brings something unique to the team and to fans' shelves that can only be found right from Sideshow Collectibles. Be sure to snag up Echo today, and be sure to find all your other The Bad Batch collectibles right here from Sideshow. 

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