Sekiro Stalks the Shadows in New Statue from Gecco

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice returns with a new statue from Gecco. The gothic styled ancient Japanese era game comes to life with this elegant statue. Following the story of Sekiro, also known as the Wolf, through a story of redemption and blood. Gecco captures the essence of the game with a new highly detailed and sculpted 1:6 scale statue. The Sekiro collectible will have multiple interchangeable pieces starting with swappable swords in his right hand. Collectors can switch between displaying the Wedge Maru and the Immortal Slash swords. The unused sword will have the ability to be sheathed on the back of Sekiro as well. There will be extra interchangeable prosthetic arms for Sekiro to giving collectors the feel of customization. You will get the standard left arm prosthetic but if you pre-order you will get the Fireblower and Producing Ax arms too. Standing on top of a base featuring wooden design with Japanese sculpture this character comes to life with this statue.

Fans of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will not want to miss out on this statue. From the realistic paint schema to the interchangeable pieces. Fans will really be getting a unique and special collectible piece. The Sekiro "Wolf" statue from Gecco will be priced at roughly $467. The statue is set to release between September and November 2020 and preorders are already live and located here. Bring home to shadow and entice your gaming collection today with this amazing collectible.

"Under thorough supervision of game software company From Software, the nerves are sharpened and the appearance of looking at the battlefield from the roof is reproduced without compromise. Not to mention the finely crafted Ninja costume, the haori that flutters in the wind and the bodice create the "height" of the wolf's standing position. The pedestal that plays an important role in creating the world view of the game is created based on a vast amount of materials. The wooden beams, the spread clay, and even a single nail are reproduced."

"There are two types of swords that can be carried in the right hand, "Wedge Maru" and "Immortal Slash", and it is also possible to reproduce the state of the sword removed and the state of being put in the sheath. The ninja prosthesis is precisely shaped so that you can see the complex structure of Karakuri. A Shinobi prosthesis equipped with the "Producing Ax" and "Fireblower" prosthetic hand ninja is included as a reservation benefit."

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