Iconic Ray Harryhausen Monsters Come to Life with Star Ace Toys

Special effects have come a long way since the cinema has started. However, one can not forget the past and Star Ace Toys is doing just that. They have announced new statues based on monsters from special effects legend, Ray Harryhausen. He created the form of a new stop motion model animation call Dynamation which many older science fiction films have. From movies like The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts, and 20 Million Miles to Earth. Each film showed a stop motion creature or monster that was filmed separately and then place on top of the original film. This allowed for audiences to witness high-end Harryhausen special effects during the 50s showing fights with monsters, dragons, and dinosaurs. Star Ace Toys has announced that two of these monsters are back and ready to come into your film collection. The iconic Cyclops from Jason and the Argonauts are getting two collectibles with a 12" statue and a 6" Defo-Real version. The Ymir from 20 Million Miles to Earth is also getting 12" statue.

Each statue is highly detailed and carries that distinct Harryhausen vibe. If you are a hardcore film buff or love science fiction movie then these statues not only are nicely detailed but carry that history with them. Prices or release dates have not been revealed just yet and if you want more Dynamation collectibles from the iconic Ray Harryhausen then you'll be interested in the One Million Years B.C. statues which can be found here.

"In honor of the 100th Anniversary of Ray Harryhausen we're teasing the next figures to come from Star Ace's statue program, thanks to the The Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation for support. Two new monsters, The Cyclops and Ymir and the Defo Real Cyclops"

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