Star Wars: Rebels Sabine Wren Gets Gentle Giant Statue

The Star Wars is back in the popularity circle yet again as Star Wars: The Clone Wars drops weekly and we are still in the aftermath of The Mandalorian. With revelations of the ending of The Mandalorian, the two series are tied together by one simple artifact, The Darksaber. Not a lot of this legendary Star Wars weapon is known besides what we have seen in The Clone Wars and the second animated series, Star Wars: Rebels. That series shows off the aftermath of the Clone Wars and the pieces of A New Hope starting to form. Of the band of Rebels shown, Sabine Wren connects some dots after her Mandalorian heritage. She, in fact, wields the Darksaber for some time during her adventures with Kanan, Ezra, Zeb, Hera, and Chopper during Star Wars: Rebels and Gentle Giant Ltd. wants to show that.

Recently announced, this new Star Wars bust will please any Rebels fans as she will come both masked and unmasked. On top of that, she will have interchangeable hands switching between holding her helmet at her side to a blaster and Darksaber at her side. Gentle Giant Ltd. brings this ever popular animated character to life with this bust and it is just delightful. The orange and purple colors really show off her unique persona. The statue does not have a release date just yet. However, the Star Wars: Rebels Sabine Wren bust will be priced at $120 each and no word on how big the edition size will be. She will first go up to Premier Guild Members of Gentle Giant Ltd. first and then Sabine will get a general release to the public. I'm sure she will be found on multiple sites when live but you will be able to find her and more here.

Star Wars: Rebels Sabine Wren Bust from Gentle Giant Ltd.
Sabine Wren Bust, photo from Gentle Giant Ltd.

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