Green Scar Hulk Prepares For War With New Queen Studios Statue

Queen Studios is back with another amazing Marvel Comics statue as we jump back in time and revisit World War Hulk. Big Green is back with a new 26" tall statue that pays tribute to the cover of World War Hulk #4 with Green Scar on his throne. Queen Studios is offered two versions of the statue with regular and premium with premium, adding a total of three extra head sculpts that collectors can apply. Both statues are highly limited, coming between 300 or 500 edition sizes depending on your choice. These Marvel statues are quite pricey as well, with a $1400 price tag on the regular and $1725 going to the premium. Hulk fans will not want to miss out on this mighty planet ruling statue that will make the rest of your collection bow before it. Fans can find pictures and more details about this piece below, and pre-orders are already live and can be found here.

"The "Green Scar" Hulk is a tragic character with origins in Marvel Comics Planet Hulk. After the Green Scar Hulk witnessed the death of his family and friends, he wages war to enact revenge against the suspected culprits. The Queen Studios 1/4 statue is based on the Green Scar Hulk from the cover of World War Hulk (2007) #4, which many recognize as the iconic character that inspired Gladiator Hulk from Thor Ragnarok."

"The Green Scar Hulk is a tortured character with a tragic past. To capture the character's inner demons, this 1/4 Hulk statue includes three unique head sculpts. Each sculpt features the Green Goliath looking forward menacingly as he grips his throne. The Regular Edition sees the Hulk with his lips pursed together. While the Premium Edition features the same head sculpt with two additional sculpts. One gritted teeth no helmet. The other with gritted teeth and his gladiator helmet."

"This limited edition Green Scar Hulk depicts the Comic Book character with remarkable detail. Queen Studios' artists have worked hard to capture his ripped physique and pulsating veins, as well as the weathered and worn weapons surrounding his throne of stone. Painted to perfection, the final statue encapsulates the essence of the Green Scar Hulk that we see on the classic comic book cover. Brooding and plotting, there is no doubt, Hulk is ready to smash!"


  • Regular Edition (One head sculpt): 500
  • Premium Edition (Three head sculpts): 300\


  • Regular Edition (One head sculpt): $1400 USD
  • Premium Edition (Three head sculpts): $1725 USD

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