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Endgame Spider-Man Iron Spider Statue Debuts from Queen Studios
Queen Studios is back at it once again as they continue to bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life Their newest Marvel Studios statue comes to us from the legendary film Avengers: Endgame Spider-Man is on the battlefield as the one and only Iron Spider, and Queen Studios brings him to life like never before[...]
Queen Studios Debuts Terrifying IT (2017) InArt Pennywise 1/6 Figure
Horror has returned to the small town of Derry once again as Queen Studios has awakened IT… Pennywise the Clown is back and ready to feast once again and remind us that we all float down here IT (2017) comes to life once again as the reimagined horror film with their newest InArt Pennywise 1/6[...]
Queen Studios Debuts New 1/6th Scale Figure with Gandalf the Grey 
Queen Studios is pretty known for its incredible life-like statues, especially with the DCEU and Marvel Studios worlds However, they have started to expand their collectibles lines like the new 1/6 scale figure line titled InArt DC Comics Joker kicked off this line, and it looks like Queen Studios has debuted their next figure in[...]
The Avengers Loki Arrives on Earth with New Queen Studios Statue
Queen Studios remembers the 2012 film once again with a brand new 1/4 scale statue featuring the god of mischief himself, Loki Thor's adopted brother will come in at 20 inches tall and captures the scene of his arrival on Earth Showcasing a tailored costume, both sculpted and fabric pieces are beautifully done and bring[...]
Iron Man Mark III Life Size Bust Coming Soon from Queen Studios 
Queen Studios celebrates The Infinity Saga once again as they reveal their Iron Man Mark III Life Size Bust This incredible statue stands at a whopping 31" tall and showcases the iconic Mark III armor from Iron Man Capture the upper part of the armor, the statue also has LED's inside it with the eyes[...]
Queen Studios Reveals New Life-Size Loki Bust from The Avengers
Loki comes to life like never before as Queen Studios does it again as they bring the God of Mischief to life with a brand new bust Coming out of the blockbuster film, The Avengers, Loki is back with an impressive and out of this world life-size bust statue It will feature next level sculpting[...]
Carnage Arrives as Queen Studios New Marvel Comics Statue Debuts
Coming out of the dark side of Marvel Comics, Carnage is back with a new life-size bust from Queen Studios The deadly Spider-Man villain stands roughly 29.5" tall as he is placed in a dynamic pose with a Themed base His paint schemed, and design comes to us from the recent Carnage Marvel Comics story[...]
Black Widow Dons Her Snow Suit Once Again with Queen Studios
The solo adventures of Black Widow continue as Queen Studios reveals their newest Black Widow collectible Natasha Romanoff is back, and this time she is ready to embrace some Russian weather with her new all white snow suit Standing at 19.5″ tall, Black Widow is displayed in a beautiful action pose as she stands on[...]
Queen Studios Announced 1/4th Scale Black Widow Solo Film Statue
Queen Studios takes collectors back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they reveal their newest 1:4 scale statue Black Widow is back and is getting her very own statue based on her new solo adventure Standing roughly 19.5" tall, Natasha Romanoff is back and is loaded with remarkable detail that any Marvel fan can appreciate[...]
Captain America is Worth with Queen Studios Avengers: Endgame Statue
Queen Studios has just revealed their newest Marvel Studios statue as the First Avenger becomes worthy once again Coming out of Avengers: Endgame, Captain America welds the power of Mjolnir for an incredible 1/2 scale statue Depending on when you pre-order, two different shields will be offered, with a standard and a damaged shield variant[...]
Iron Man Mark 50 Infinity War Armor Comes to Life With Queen Studios
Queen Studios has revealed another MCU statue with a beautifully recreate design straight from the film An LED effect has been incorporated into the statue giving Iron Man fans a truly special collectible Placed on a rubble base, Tony Stark is posed in a heroic stance as he prepares to battle Thanos on Titan, and[...]
Iron Man Mark 44 Hulkbuster Make its Landing At Queen Studios
the Mark 44 Hulkbuster suit is deploying into action as Queen Studios reveals their newest statue Limited to only 888 pieces, standing roughly 37" tall, this massive statue will be a towering centerpiece to any Iron Man fans collection The 1/4th scale Queen Studios statue is loaded with incredible detail straight from Avengers: Age of[...]
The Batman Who Laughs Returns With New Queen Studios Statue
This time, Queen Studios has revealed their brand new, highly detailed The Batman Who Laughs 1/4th scale statue The Batman Who Laughs is a dark version of the Dark Knight who was turned into the Joker after accidentally killing him in his universe Created out of our own Caped Crusaders nightmares, this deadly version of[...]
Wonder Woman Gets Beautiful 1/4 Scale Statue From Queen Studios
Queen Studios has announced their newest DC Comics statue with the Wonder Woman 1/4 Scale Statue Standing 18.5″ tall, the beauty and power of Gal Gadot are captured perfectly with in their statues' detail Queen Studios uses a combination of both DCEU and DC Comics to give fans a truly incredible collectible for their collection[...]
Vision Goes Life-Size With New Infinity War Bust From Queen Studios
Queen Studios has announced their newest life-size replica bust that captures Vision from Infinity War Standing 26" tall, this living android is back from the dead with extreme amounts of detail that any Avengers or Marvel Cinematic Universe fan can appreciate Queen Studios did incorporate some unique features, too with an included fabric cape and[...]