A Classic Team Up To Bring Down The Archon – Preview Captain Midnight #23 From Dark Horse

Joshua Williamson and Michael Broussard are bringing us Issue #23 of Captain Midnight on May 27th, full of pulpy goodness. Has someone made a Captain Midnight action figure yet? That would be quite a thing. Captain Midnight is a story that has the equivalent of a great bone structure–great character concepts, costume designs, and an intriguing time-span element. And on top of that Broussard is really bringing the art. Just look at this painted cover:

STK671671 Dark Horse describe Issue #23 thus:

After learning the origin of the mysterious masked man from the past known as the Mark, Captain Midnight may finally have an ally who understands the Archon's twisted beginnings-and might be able to defeat this übervillain! And they're not alone! A united force of superheroes joins the fray to defeat the Archon. The last great hope has arrived!

And here's our preview of Issue #23:

CAPMID #23 PG 04 CAPMID #23 PG 05 CAPMID #23 PG 06 CAPMID #23 PG 07Captain Midnight #23 arrives on May 27th from Dark Horse comics, and is currently listed in Preview World with item code: MAR150030.

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