A Special Captain America Item In The Next Geek Fuel Box

I've been open about how awesome I think the Geek Fuel Subscription Box is, mostly because of their awesome t-shirts. However, this month the company is churning out something special…something that has to do with the red, white, and blue superhero.

Geek Fuel has announced that their next box will include a special Captain America item. They further explained:

We can't guarantee this box has a secret serum that will give you a nearly-indestructible shield and perfect human qualities, but we can guarantee Captain America will be making an appearance.

My prediction is…it will either be the theme of the t-shirt or perhaps an exclusive comic? With that, you can bet on a $50 Minimum Value, 3 Geek Fuel Exclusive Items, Guaranteed Epic T-Shirt, Downloadable Steam Game, 5 – 8 Items Loaded With Geeky Goodness, and an Exclusive Doctor Item & Star Wars Collectible.

Sounds like someone is stepping up their game…I can't blame them with the success of Funko's targeted boxes! For more information visit their website.


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