Accell, The New Catalyst Prime Comic From Joe Casey And Damion Scott – And A Hidden History

accel-1-2inkCBR has the second of Lion Forge's ongoing series, part of the new Catalyst Prime universe of superhero comic books, masterminded by Joe Illidge.


We told you about Noble #1 by Brandon Thomas and Roger Robinson coming in May.


And in June we have Accell #1 by Joe Casey, Damion Scott, Robert Campanella, John Rauch and Janice Chiang.

Daniel DosSantos is a young man living at the speed of life, with his job, girlfriend, and video games. After gaining powers from exposure to an extraterrestrial object, DosSantos became the rapid action superhero called ACCELL. The first of a new public kind of crime fighter and bad guy smasher.

Unfortunately, there are consequences to moving faster than sound. Daniel's about to learn that danger exists on the flipside of having super powers, and he may have to grow up quickly to survive."

What CBR doesn't note is that the very similarly-titled Accel was previously announced in 2014 as a Lion Forge comic by Joe Casey and Corey Lewis, long before the current iteration of Catalyst Prime, alongside other Casey titles, Kino and Incidentals. All three have recently been trademarked by Lion Forge.


With this cover by Patrick Olliffe and Milen Parvanov. Corey had his own cover…


… and wrote,

Written by acclaimed comics writer Joe Casey, drawn by me and colors by Dylan McCrae, ACCEL is my first original Superhero comic project. Accel is a speedster hero (in the tradition of The Flash, Quicksilver, etc), with some awesome twists of his own, including my brand of hyper crazy fluid artwork. If you enjoyed the Quicksilver sequences in X-Men: Days of Future Past, you just MAY enjoy Accel! Accel is published by Lion Forge Comics, and will be debuting extremely soon. I believe it will start in digital format, then transition to print later. Anyway, this will be my most regular comic series for the foreseeable next few months!

By the end of the year Corey had finished issue 1 was working on issue 2 and was telling us it was about to drop.


And in January 2015, was working on issue 3 ahead of the publication of #1.

But it didn't come out. And it wasn't mentioned again. Asking tonight, Corey told me,

Lion Forge reps tell me that Corey bowed out of the book in December 2015, due to other commitments and starting his self publishing imprint. And when Joe Casey came on board the new Catalyst Prime, he contacted Corey abou continuing the series and Corey let him know he was unable to do it.

Catalyst Prime is the big A-List talent launch from Lion Forge, and it will be spectacular. But there is also has a hidden history from several years ago which can be excavated…

Lion Forge also recently trademarked Quincredible, a previous comic by David Gorden and Gerardo Sandoval, and they also registered Superb, Summit and Noble.

Expect some of those titles to be announced next, for July and August…

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