Alan Is A Heartbreaker. Josie And The Pussycats #4

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Josie and the Pussycats #4 is here! The last time we saw the Pussycats, so much was happening. Josie and Alan were having a heart-to-heart. Josie and Alexandra were chasing a DJ down because of an undercover exotic animal smuggling ring. Really intense stuff, but very reminiscent of the cartoon.

The Pussycats are speeding into stardom, and according to Alan they need to work on their image. Valery is hesitant, since music makes the band–not the look. Josie is hesitant but agrees with Alan. You can draw that she's only listening to him since she's dating him. I hope Josie grows out of this and realizes music is the most important part of the band. Marguerite Bennett, Cameron Deordio, and Audrey Mok absolutely shine in this book thanks to their pop culture references to both Sailor Moon and Dawn of Justice via Melody. Knowing Melody is a nerd who's unabashedly afraid to admit it makes 8 year old me over the moon. In that same vein, 8 year old me would have been uncomfortable by the implied notion of Josie and Alan having sex. But they are adults in this version, and it only makes sense. Of course in real fashion sense, Alan neglects to communicate to Josie that while he doesn't mind sleeping with her, he has no time for a relationship. This rightfully hurts Josie. As she tells the other Pussycats, Valerie puts it best; "Alan doesn't think. He's nice. But Nice is different than good." This is a very simple, but profound statement. Anyone who's ever had their heartbroken can absolutely relate to this.


All of the characters have come such a long way since Dan DeCarlo introduced them. They have always been brave and daring, but now they're just so much more. They are now fleshed out and real, aside from being international superstars.

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