Axel Alonso's Very Kind Address To Marvel's Creators Regarding Bleeding Cool

Axel Alonso is the editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics. And a fine fellow he is. You can see him walking across your comic books right here.


Over the course of New York Comic Con, we hear that he sent an e-mail to Marvel creators attending the show, wishing them all sorts of cheer and good luck, but also reminding them to be careful what they say, since Bleeding Cool has one hundred reporters at the show.

Well, Axel, we are very grateful for the shout out, but we don't have one hundred reporters at the show. We have up to one-hundred-and-fifty-one thousand reporters at the show.

Because Bleeding Cool is open to stories from anyone and everyone. And that's how many folk are at the show this year.

However, we will endeavour to run any such acquired stories past the publisher and creators in question, unless they're speaking at a public panel. But, sincerely, we do appreciate the attention…

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