The Banana Splits/Suicide Squad Comic Tells A Story About Race In Modern Day America. For A Bit. (SPOILERS)


It's a weird week for comics this Wednesday. A fifth week for DC Comics, so that's annuals and late comics. The annuals are DC/Hanna Barbera crossovers mostly, and the comics are JLA and Harley Quinn. While Marvel start ResurrXion so  most other big franchise books are pushed to the side.

Which could be a chance for folks to experiment with other titles from other publishers.

Or just buy The Banana Splits/Suicide Squad Annual by Tony Bedard, Ben Caldwell and Mark Morales, with the Snagglepuss Chronicles in the back.

With no explanation, the Banana Splits are part of the DC Universe. So they get pulled over by the cops who pull guns on them, and shoot at them when one goes for his drivers licence, and for reasons unclear with no evidence whatsoever, let alone a specific crime, get put in prison, where they are advised to stick with their own kind.Oh and they call themselves Animal-Americans. Forgot that.

And you thought Orange Is The New Black was broad brushstrokes. SPOILERS… they perform a new hip-hop track later in the comic, inspired by their team up with the Suicide Squad entitled "Straight Outta Belle Reve."


Here's an extended preview courtesy of Gamespot.
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