Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 13th August 2017 – "Mister Miracle Was The Big Break Out"

This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

And Detective Comics takes the top, followed by Secret Empire and then a little someone called Mister Miracle, which has outperformed all expections.

Detective Comics


  1. Detective Comics #962
  2. Secret Empire #8
  3. Mister Miracle #1
  4. Flash #28
  5. Action Comics #985
  6. Amazing Spider-Man #33
  7. Old Man Logan #27
  8. Justice League of America #12
  9. Generations: Jean Grey & Phoenix #1
  10. Captain America #25

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Who had this to say,

Big week for new number ones with Redlands and Mister Miracle at #3 and #4 in our store's Top Ten. Both series have debuted with pretty consistent critical praise. Our #1 book this week was Babyteeth, which isn't a surprise as it is our store's favorite and most pushed book of the year. Edge of Venomverse and Amazing Spider-Man were the only Marvel books in the Top Ten. The usual DC books (Detective Comics, Action Comics, Flash and Green Lantern) fill out the rest of the list. Artgerm's cover for Supergirl was a hit and sold out almost by Wednesday (along with Mr. Miracle).

The only other Marvel books in our Top Twenty were Captain America, Secret Empire, and Old Man Logan. All of which were actually outsold by Justice League/Power Rangers and only sold slightly better than Shirtless Bear Fighter #2 which is on it's THIRD week. Generations Phoenix sold so poorly it didn't even make our Top Twenty. Interest in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe (Again) and the new Inhumans book is non-existent. I'm legitimately scared that Marvel Legacy is going to have the exact opposite reaction they're hoping for and just absolutely kill any and all interest in the publisher and their books.


As Secret Empire spirals towards its conclusion the readership has increased. Generations has got people buzzing about where the future of Marvel is heading. People are cautiously optimistic. Everything else was about the same as usual. Star Wars didn't crest the top ten with either title though, for the first time in a while I feel like. And Captain America #25 sold well despite Diamond treating it as a new title instead of the next issue of Sam Wilson. It didn't pull for anyone and we realized while resetting the rack that our Diamond POS had not generated a pull report for this issue and had to manually pull it for people.


Our #1 seller this week, and I imagine it will have the top spot at many other stores as well, is Tom King and Mitch Gerads' Mister Miracle #1. The heat on this book is palpable and, most importantly, well deserved. Gerads' illustration work is stunning, and King demonstrates that he "gets" the New Gods.

It was a Big Two week this week, and our Top 10 is an even split between the two though the top half is weighted in DC's favor. Aside from the astounding success of Mister Miracle; Superman, Batman, and The Flash remain solid sellers. For Marvel, Secret Empire continues to move despite tepid critical response and the second of the Generations one-shots, Phoenix & Jean Grey, seems to have generated some interest as well.

A fairly "by the books" sales spread this week, but fortunately Mister Miracle was around to shake things up a bit!


Mister Miracle was the clear winner this week with its much-anticipated first issue! Another first issue that made our bestsellers was Jordie Bellaire and Vanessa Del Rey's new horror series Redlands. Otherwise, it was a pretty Marvel-heavy week for us, with 6 titles in our top 10, including Secret Empire, Ms Marvel, and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.


Slow sales yet not surprising for this time of year. Once again an Event Titles takes the top spot. People hate events, we sell the hell out of nearly every Event Title (ok, maybe not Axis.) Mister Miracle was the big break out. Detective was our number 2 for sales though Miracle would have easily pushed past it had we ordered more copies, and we over ordered for the shelf. Marvel has 6 books on the list to DC's 4. Flash has fallen off a bit and doesn't make the list. Kill or Be Killed just barely missed the number 10 spot. Old Man Logan is doing better as of late and makes it to number 5. Despite complaints and grumbling, Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America: No Colon both make the list. Ms Marvel has been so consistent for us since her debut. Takes the number 10 spot well above titles like Harley Quinn, JLA, Suicide Squad, Defenders, and Inhumans.

Biggest let down of the week- on Wednesday and Thursday combined we sold a total of zero copies of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again off the shelf.


What a unique week. Artgerm's variant cover on Supergirl sold out Wednesday boosting Supergirl's sales. Mister Miracle blew out the doors and was sold out by Thursday. Marvel take note. A non Star Wars limited series that sells. Flash took the top spot. Secret Empire did not make our top ten. Barf indeed.


The first time Marvels taken #1 in a long while.


A strong DC week, but Marvel did manage to place two titles in our Top Ten–and they were both superhero books, not Star Wars titles. In fact, the Star Wars franchise is slowing down a little bit, with second-tier titles falling out of the Top Ten. Marvel managed to place four more books in our store's Top Twenty–but unfortunately, Generations Phoenix & Jean Grey was not one of them (the title didn't even manage to generate double digit sales on day one… a bad sign). Even die-hard Secret Empire buyers were dismissive of the entire Generations initiative, with some saying that they got the feeling from Marvel's soft push of these book that they were not a part of Marvel's Big Picture.

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