Boom Studios Kickstart a Complete Giant Days Library Collection

Boom Studios is to rerelease their series Giant Days by John Allison, Max Sarin and Lissa Treiman. in a new Library format – for libraries. And they are persuading people to sign up for the launch page of the Kickstarter that will be funding it with a bribe. Not only will there be Launch Day bonus items for donors but Boom will send you a free digital collected edition of the first four issues of Giant Days just for signing up for our pre-launch page. I've just signed up and so have 228 other people.

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The series follows three young women, Esther de Groot, Susan Ptolemy and Daisy Wooton, who share a hall of residence at Sheffield University, and was originally created as a webcomic spin-off from John Allison's previous series Scary Go Round, self-published as a series of small press comics, before being picked up by Boom! Studios and running for 60 issues.

As part of the crowdfunding plan, Boom Studios also plan to give away copies of the first volume of the Giant Days Library edition… to libraries. Which might, of course, see them add to it with the other six. You never know.


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Harley Salbacka, Sales Co-ordinator at Boom Studios writes to librarians,

Hello good library folk,

This is a quick, off-cycle note to all you out there in library land to share some very exciting news with you!

As you well know, BOOM! Studios loves libraries and librarians. From our earliest days, you have been some of our strongest champions helping introduce countless readers to some of our most beloved series, including… GIANT DAYS!

From its humble beginnings as a self-published webcomic to its final form as an Eisner Award-winning comic book series spanning dozens of well-loved collected volumes with a devoted legion of readers around the globe, GIANT DAYS cut a distinct and highly unlikely path to become one of the most beloved and critically adored comic series in our entire catalog. And no one loves GIANT DAYS more than libraries…

And the feeling is mutual! Which is why we want YOU to know about an exciting new development in Susan, Esther, and Daisy's world FIRST. We are getting ready to launch our latest BOOM! Deluxe Pre-order campaign on Kickstarter next week specifically with our biggest fans in mind. In the campaign, we're collecting every page of GIANT DAYS' historic, award-winning run at BOOM! Studios in a new LIBRARY EDITION format – winsome, shelf-sturdy, deluxe hardcover tomes that'll package the whole series together in totality across seven volumes for the very first time.

Not only is BOOM! building a bigger, better, more resilient format for the complete GIANT DAYS series, we're also going to give away hundreds of free GIANT DAYS LIBRARY EDITION VOL. 1 books to actual libraries as we hit various upcoming Stretch Goals over our 20-day campaign. A "library edition" actually for libraries? It would be crazy if it wasn't so awesome.

And we want YOU to be part of this campaign from the start! So if you are interested in finding out how you can potentially receive a free copy of GIANT DAYS LIBRARY EDITION VOL. 1 for your collection, or are interested in buying a set of the LIBRARY EDITION hardcovers for your collection, make sure you sign up at our pre-launch page today so you'll be alerted when we launch next week. At that time we'll reveal all the details in their glory!

While the message to comic book fans from Boom Studios was thus;

Hello fellow comic aficionados!

While the lives, loves, and rivalries of three new friends (Susan, Esther, and Daisy) from their freshman year at a respectable English university through their graduation day couldn't be more different than the brutal superhero universe of the Plutonian, Max Damage, and Galahad, we had to give you a heads up about our next epic BOOM! Deluxe Pre-Order campaign on Kickstarter. Because we know that if our company is full of a team that loves comic books in all shapes and sizes, there are no doubt some kindred spirits hiding in our mailing list!

Which is why you're getting this message from us today. Because next week we'll be debuting a brand new pre-order campaign for one of our best known, longest running comics – GIANT DAYS!

If you aren't familiar with GIANT DAYS, it's our long-running Eisner Award-winning series that The Hollywood Reporter called "Universal, charming and endlessly amusing… [GIANT DAYS] never fails to make you laugh out loud…" and that Wired described as "Glorious… [GIANT DAYS] plays out like a classic British sitcom that you wish could run forever." If that sounds like your cuppa' tea, then you'll want to sign up at our pre-launch page today so you'll be alerted when we launch next week.

Not only will you be the first to know and have an opportunity to secure our most limited offerings, but we're going to be a fun Launch Day bonus item that no bibliophile will want to miss!

And to sweeten the pot even further (and because you may not have had a chance to read the brilliant GIANT DAYS yet), we will send you a FREE digital collected edition of the first four issues of the Eisner Award-winning series just for signing up for our pre-launch page!

Stay evil, Your pals at BOOM! Studios

The Kickstarter launch of the Giant Days Linrray Editions is scheduled for next week.

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