Boom Studios Launches A Mighty Morphin Second Kickstarter 

As it turns out, 2020 was a massive year for comic books on Kickstarter with the category reportedly generating $22 million in sales for creators and publishers. And while notable creators like Matt Kindt, Alex de Campi, Charles Soule, and Saladin Ahmed brought successful, highly funded projects to the platform, it was the addition of more and more mainstream publishers that was perhaps most interesting.

Image Comics led the way in this regard with Image partners like Todd McFarlane setting records with his Spawn action figure and comic book campaign and heavyweight creators like Scott Snyder and Tony Daniel launching their new original series Nocterra (formerly known as Nocternal) on Kickstarter.

Then Boom Studios made headlines and turned heads when they brought Keanu Reeves' BRZRKR to Kickstarter. That campaign ended up setting the record for the highest-funded comic book project in the platform's history, so it isn't at all surprising that Boom is kicking off their 2021 with another Kickstarter.

Boom Studios Launches A Mighty Morphin Second Kickstarter That said, their new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Complete Comic Books Collection campaign shares less in common with Boom's previous campaign and more with campaigns like Soule & Browne's Curse Words: The Hole Damned Thing, repackaging content comic shops got to sell first, or Snyder & Daniel's Nocterra campaign, offering fans limited-edition product akin to convention exclusives.

Boom Studios Launches A Mighty Morphin Second Kickstarter 

Rather than providing new material, Boom is offering fans a chance to pre-order exclusive limited editions of their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hardcover collections coinciding with the fifth anniversary of launching their recently completed, long-running Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. From what we can tell, these are similar to the high-end editions they might offer at conventions directly to fans in years past, but with COVID killing the convention circuit, Boom is making lemonade out of lost San Diego and New York Comic Con sales.

Boom Studios Launches A Mighty Morphin Second Kickstarter 

Although I suspect it'd be challenging to pull off their Megazord edition set at a convention or pull together a six-volume set signed by six Power Rangers TV stars. Not the sort of thing you'd be likely to find at a comic shop either, owing to its higher price and stores having to order non-returnable.

Boom Studios Launches A Mighty Morphin Second Kickstarter 

The question is – how big will this campaign be for Boom? They could outperform Nocterra with BRZRKR, can they repeat the same trick with the Power Rangers? Or will it be bigger?

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