What’s The Big Secret in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50?

What's The Big Secret in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50?

I don’t think that this would be the shocking appearance that fans expect unless there’s a new wrinkle.As Boom’s Power Rangers comics continue to be hot with speculators, there’s a good chance the combination of a big return and anniversary issue might also drive interest from readers who feel like the lack of Marvel comics[...]

Power Rangers Fandom is in Full Force Thanks to Hasbro

Power Rangers took over Room 9 at SDCC Thursday for a lively and fun panel, where we got a sneak peak at some new Beast Morphers footage and toys, along with what is coming in the popular Power Rangers Lightning Collection line. We even got a surprise appearance form the Red Ranger himself, Austin St. […]

Bleeding Cool's 10 Most Wanted SDCC 2019 Exclusives

Bleeding Cool's 10 Most Wanted SDCC 2019 Exclusives

Ahh, SDCC is here again. There are all sorts of great things about this con, from the announcements and trailer debuts to the costumes and new comic announcements. But step foot on the showroom floor and one thing is for certain: it is all about the exclusives. This year, it took awhile for the announcements […]

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Red Ranger Jason Figure Pack Coming to SDCC

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Red Ranger Jason Figure Pack Coming to SDCC

That is a nod to the MMPR episode 'Gung Ho', when they shared it Nice little easter egg there Hasbro Both figures will have multiple points of articulation, and photo-real sculpting so that the figures resemble actor Austin St John, who portrayed Jason on the shows.SDCC will be a big show for the Lightning Collection[...]

Power Rangers Lightning Collection White Ranger and Lord Zedd are Great Figures

Let's Take a Look at the Power Rangers Lightning Collection Figures

Wave 1 is now in stores, and I found the two I was most interested in as a MMPR fan- the White Ranger and Lord Zedd Let's take a look at them shall we?[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1031103,1031104,1031105,1031106,1031114,1031117,1031120"]First- I really want to commend the design team on the packaging Taking some cues from Marvel Legends, the[...]

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie Blu Ray Cover

'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie' Gets a Blu-ray Release in June

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie is getting its very first standalone Blu-ray release this June. Shout Factory will bring home the Rangers on June 4th, with bonus features including new interviews, a new featurette, and the trailer. Check out the cover for the release along with details down below, and place a preorder here! […]

Power Rangers Hasbro Role Play Collage

Hasbro Reveals First Power Rangers Role Play Items Ahead of Toy Fair

Hasbro have sent over pictures and details for their first Power Rangers products. The first items will be role play items from Power Rangers Beast Morphers, with product coming in both the spring and the fall of this year. After last years shocking reveal that they now owned the brand and license, look for a […]

Funko Haryy Cereal Collage

Funko Round-Up: Cereal Galore, Harry Potter, FLCL, and Fantastic Beasts!

Also, MMPR Red Ranger cereal would sell gangbusters All of these will.[gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="940658,940657,940659,940660,940634,940633,940632,940631"]They will also have new TV boxed Tees, and Cereal tees All of these are also awesome Again: really hope we can all get our hands on these somehow When Funko makes it known if we can, we will update you[...]

What's in the Box?! – Loot Tees – July 2018

Back in July, we received a few of our boxes from Loot Crate a tad late and didn't have a chance to get around to reviewing them in a timely manner, like Loot Tees. We're going to try and correct that over the next few days and review everything that came our way. The first […]

Power Morphicon Live Logo

Power Morphicon Streams Live on Shout! Factory TV Twitch Channel August 19th

Power Morphicon is this weekend, and for those not in attendance Shout! Factory TV and Twitch have you covered. They will be bringing a live show to the Shout! Factory TV Twitch channel this Sunday, August 19th for over six hours of programming. Interviews, panels, live floor reports and more will be part of the […]

Power Rangers year one

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Year One Review: Call Your Zord

The way they flow together as both team and family is hard enough to capture on film, let alone in a comic; In MMPR Higgins does it effortlessly.The art could not be a better match Hendry Prasetya does a fantastic job of invoking the style of the classic TV show and the aesthetic of the[...]