Brie Larson Makes Her Captain Marvel Debut in This Week's Infinity Countdown

This week sees the publication of Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel by Jim McCann and Diego Olortegui. There's a preview below. But there's one scene of special note.

Where Carol Danvers consult many multi-dimensional versions of Captain Marvel across time and space. Including Captain Mar-Vells, Photons, Marvel Boys, and Ms. Marvels.

And one, who doesn't say anything, but has a familiar look.

That's the movie version of Captain Marvel as portrayed by Brie Larson. And now occupying a special dimension in the Marvel multiverse.

Will she be popping up again before her movie is out?

(W) Jim McCann (A) Diego Olortegui (CA) In-Hyuk Lee
Carol Danvers has crossed the borders of reality itself and returned in possession of the Reality Stone…and with it has contacted the Marvels of many worlds! Join the Captains Marvel for a cross-time adventure into the nature of the Infinity Stones!
Rated T+In Shops: May 30, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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