Bringing Drag to Comics: Lights, Camera, LGBTQI-Identity! Panel [SDCC]

Superhero drag queens? Yes, please! No, it's not the final challenge from Drag Race All Stars 1, it's a new all-ages queer identity comic book about finding yourself and anti-bullying. From the comic artist, Mister Loki and author Raymond Litster comes their new comic book collaboration Lights, Camera…Identity: Never Alone. It features drag queens and Drag Race alums Pandora Boxx, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, and Jackie Cox as superheroes who help the main character walk their journey of self-discovery and realize that it is okay to be whoever you are and express yourself as such.

Bringing Drag to Comics: The LBGTQI-dentity Panel at SDCC
Lights Camera Identity – Never Alone

"I didn't know being queer was even a thing that you could be – I didn't know it was. I didn't know anybody, my family never talked about it, it wasn't really on television or anything." said Pandora, "Part of drag is like a superhero costume: I put on this superhero outfit and I can be whoever I want to be. In this 'pandora persona', I have the guts to say everything that I wanted to say that I never could say before." Well said, Pandora.

Bringing Drag to Comics: The LBGTQI-dentity Panel at SDCC
Pandora Boxx – Lights Camera Identity

Silky's internet connection from rural Mississippi was a little not great, but we still got a great discussion in about Black Equality and protests and what it means to them to be black, queer, and part of both movements and making their voice heard. Protests are an important key to taking back their voice and fighting for a place in society, and they've helped organize the fight and rebellion against hate and racism.

Jackie talks about his identity as a white-passing Persian "we need to embrace whatever privileges and power we have." He talks about his reach on social media especially and how lighter-skinned privileged people have a responsibility to amplify voices of those of color whose voices have been oppressed and silenced.

The panel is moderated by Chase Masterson and also features Savage Garden's Darren Hays and journalist Curtis Wong, who talked about a gender reveal baby shower party he went to recently and discussed society's imposition of gendered expectations from conception. Let children be who they are and who they want to be – gender norms and hate are learned and observed. We stop that and we create a more tolerant and accepting society.

I couldn't end it any better than NoH8 founders Adam Bouska and Jeff PaNicershley: "Don't just go out there and say no hate, black lives matter – go vote! Go take action! Stand up to injustice."

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