British Stores Get Batman #24 First Print At The Same Time As Second Print, And Batman #25 Next Week

Copies of Batman #24, the issue in which Bruce Wayne asks Selina Kyle, Catwoman, to marry him, have been selling on eBay in the UK for up to £26 on open auctions,  ($33) with plenty of buy-it-nows at the £14 price point. ($18) While in the USA, at the most it has reached $26 and mostly sells for around $14.

The difference can be down to the fact that the comic hasn't actually been released in the UK yet. It has been delayed by errors at Diamond Comic Distribution.

It was meant to be out today. But it isn't.

Instead Diamond have told British stores it will be out next week. Alongside the second print. And Batman #25.

Given the prices that copies of the first print have been gaining on eBay, expect there to be a bit of a rush for speculators in the UK when it lands…

Comics selling for ten times their cover price on eBay – available for cover price in comic book stores?

It's going to be mental. Expect lots of "One Per Customer" signs followed by "But As Many Copies Of The Second Print As You Like" signs underneath.



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