Bulletproof – The Path To Creating Nothing-Man #1

by John Rhodes

My name is John Rhodes and I am a Submarine Ordnance Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Navy, or "Bulletproof" as my Commanding Officer calls me. I have served on active duty for 27+ years. I am also an artist with the idea that I am going to create an independent comic book series and make the world a better place for it! A comic book and story line that I have been developing since I was in the fourth grade. Although I knew in my head what it was I wanted to accomplish, I struggled to get a coherent script on paper. I actually began producing the first issue a little over a year ago, abandoning it 14 pages in because I did not have a writer, or a colorist, or an inker… you get the point. I needed a team.


First was myself. I have wanted to be a comic book artist for my entire life. I finally got a break and did some work on the independent comic book circuit with CK Comics (Spitfire and Caliber) and with Guerilla ComX (Corvid and Sparrow). I also have designed a few beer bottle labels for a local brewery named Smartmouth. N.S. Kane was my salvation! A writer!!! She and I have taken my creation and worked out the details for a story that is not just a typical superhero comic book, but is at its heart, a tale of personal discovery, mental transition, and moral realization. Although this project only covers the first issue, we have developed the plot for all ten issues, with the potential for two spin-off mini-series and potentially two recurring titles. Next was color, I love to color comics, but I suck at it horribly! Luckily, Abbey Smith came to the rescue, swooping in like some kind of… well, superhero she offered to color Nothing-man, and she is quite frankly, awesome! Another bane of my existence, inking. You are either really good at inking, or you suck at it. Steve Sprayson is the former. His inking has really brought the book to life.


Nothing-man begins 89 days after an epic battle between twin godlike brothers, one the ultimate hero, the other pure evil, ends with an explosion that decimates Paradise City. Both Hyperious and Insidious are now missing and presumed dead, thousands are dead in Paradise City, those that remain live in fear. A Coalition of government forces and evil half-human/half-god Hyprids have seized control of what remains. While the Coalition and the Hyprids search for the twins, everyone else looks to the sky, waiting for Hyperious to return and save them all.


As one of the twins awakens in the forest, badly injured and literally lost. He has no memories of who, where or what he is. A proverbial John Doe (JD), he is immediately prosecuted by the Coalition forces which forces him to begin an epic fight to discover not only his true identity, but also his true self. JD stumbles across a beautiful woman named Diana. She takes him in and decides she must help him recover his memory. With incredible powers from the gods of his ancestry, JD and Diana are inevitably drawn to Paradise City; home to all Hyprids, good and evil alike. And possibly, the key to his past…

Where is Hyperious?

Who will save Paradise City?

The gods have decreed there shall always be a Hyperious…Who will it be?


Now we need your help to finish it!

Our Kickstarter project offers great rewards with original signed artwork at many of the contribution levels. Additionally, I am offering digital copies of the entire series (as they are produced and if the project funds) for any contribution over $50.00. Also, if we reach 50% of our goal this weekend all contributions over $20.00 will receive a special full color Bleeding Cool edition poster featuring Nothing-man himself signed by the artist when the project funds! Just message me the words "bleeding cool" via Kickstarter.

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