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“Bulletproof” is an Odd Beast, A British Cop Show Made by Fans of American Cop Shows
Bulletproof, the Sky One British cop show starring Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters, has been cancelled This follows the accusations of sexual misconduct, harassment and bullying made by more than 20 women against Clarke from 2004 to 2019 The series, pitched as "Bad Boys in London", is an escapist fantasy featuring streetwise cops in South[...]
Noel Clarke Issues Statement on Sexual Misconduct Accusations
Sky has halted work on the 4th season of their popular cop show Bulletproof, which stars Clarke and Ashley Walters and was produced by Clarke's company ITV canceled the premiere of the 5th and concluding episode of their 5-part cop thriller Viewpoint, which starred Clarke, though they offered it for streaming on ITV Hub for[...]
“Bulletproof” is an Odd Beast, A British Cop Show Made by Fans of American Cop Shows
BAFTA has since suspended his membership and award "immediately and until further notice." Clarke's other ongoing work, including production on the 4th season of his hit cop show for sky, Bulletproof, has been halted. Noel Clarke (l) and Ashley Walters (r) in Bulletproof, Sky, CW The Guardian published a highly detailed report on 29th April charting Clarke's[...]
doctor who
Next up, we have actor, writer, and director Noel Clarke (Metrosexuality, Bulletproof) stepping onto the nostalgia train- but it sounds like Clarke might also have an eye on the future. Noel Clarke wouldn't mind returning to Doctor Who (Image: BBC) In a wide-ranging interview with The Guardian covering his career as well as recent controversies and current[...]
'After Life': Doctor Who's Penelope Wilton, Game of Thrones's David Bradley, and More Join Ricky Gervais Series
Credit: Richard Grassie/Netflix With filming currently underway in London, Netflix has released the line-up of actors joining Ricky Gervais for his new series After Life. Created, executive produced, directed by and starring Gervais, the six, half-hour episode season is also executive produced by long-time collaborator Charlie Hanson (Derek, Extras); and includes several familiar faces from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Downton[...]
Bulletproof – The Path To Creating Nothing-Man #1
Navy, or "Bulletproof" as my Commanding Officer calls me I have served on active duty for 27+ years I am also an artist with the idea that I am going to create an independent comic book series and make the world a better place for it! A comic book and story line that I have[...]