Bunn And Broccardo Unleash Monsters In Marvel Legacy, As Internet-Cracking Revelations Held In Reserve

We're almost halfway through the slow rollout of Marvel's Legacy solicitations through eager EXCLUSIVE articles on Marvel's favorite compliant media partner websites, and if we're being perfectly honest, the internet hasn't exactly been shaken to its core yet by anything we've seen. Sure, there are some good things there, just like there are always some good things in Marvel's publishing line, but it hardly seems to amount to the industry-changing announcement Marvel promised in a press release before all of this began.

However, whether dutifully towing the line by repeating marketing talking points as objective facts, or honestly privy to secret, earth-shattering information, Marvel's media partners continue to insist that the big one is coming. In the most recent Marvel Legacy reveal, this one for Monsters Unleashed, Syfy Wire reported:

It's clear by now that Marvel Legacy is a strong push by the publishing company to reconnect with its lush history and use it as a launchpad for its future. That strategy includes some MAJOR reveals that haven't been made public that have Internet-cracking potential.

Maybe those MAJOR reveals are coming. Maybe they'll live up to the hype. In the meantime, it's business as usual, as an interview with Cullen Bunn revealed how Monsters Unleashed will fit into Marvel Legacy:

Monsters Unleashed has always been a book that paid homage to the history of Marvel. The first limited series featured a host of classic monsters, for example. This story will focus more on one monster in particular — Fin Fang Foom. He's arguably the most popular of all the Marvel creatures, so we're giving him the spotlight. But to hint at what we're going to be dealing with, I'll borrow and alter a line of dialogue from one of my favorite giant monster flicks. "Two Fooms? What can it mean?"

Syfy Wire also has the cover for Monsters Unleashed #7:

Bunn And Broccardo Unleash Monsters In Marvel Legacy, As Internet-Cracking Revelations Held In Reserve

And inadvertently advertises a comics piracy site in the watermark one of the images selected for the article. Oops!

Bunn And Broccardo Unleash Monsters In Marvel Legacy, As Internet-Cracking Revelations Held In Reserve

Check out the solicit below for Monsters Unleashed #7, in stores this Fall.

Cover by R.B. SILVA
In a secluded realm hidden amongst the snowy fissures of Antarctica, a dangerous world that time as forgotten continues to thrive — one where beastly giants of colossal size still roam the Earth and where the lines of man and monster blur. Enter Marvel's newest hero, KID KAIJU, with the power to summon an all-new team of monstrous Marvel heroes – AEGIS, SLIZZIK, SCRAGG, HI-VO and MEKARA. But in a world already controlled by fiendish beasts, can KID KAIJU call an army powerful enough to protect the boarders of the Savage Land that threatens the very safety of the entire planet?


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