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Axel Alonso Says Rotating Artists Way To Go For Big Events
Marvel has become an event churning machine in recent years, and 2017 alone is seeing about five events what with Monsters Unleashed, Secret Empire, Generations, Inhumans vs X-Men and the end of Civil War 2…oh, and wait, there's that Weapons of Mutant Destruction cross title event too. One of the biggest concerns that many have had[...]
Monsters Unleashed on Avengers Academy
  Marvel continues to push Monsters Unleashed, as we come to the tail end of the event comics, have announced an ongoing following it, and now the event is the focus of the mobile game Avengers Academy. Which is impressive for Avengers Academy itself too The game is really giving Marvel Comics a run for their money[...]
Marvel Releases 1960's Style Trailer For Monsters Unleashed!
Marvel is trying to tap into that feel with the Monsters Unleashed! trailer, which they say is Part 1 It's mixed of old images and film clips with art from the new comics and points out the monsters involved: Fin Fang Foom, Tim Boo Ba, Goom, Googam, Metallo and The Green Thing Nice references to[...]
Cullen Bunn Teases…Something
Not content with writing Uncanny X-Men, Monsters Unleashed, the upcoming X-Men: Blue, Darth Maul, Grave Lilies, Harrow County, Drax, and all the other various books he does, Cullen Bunn took to twitter Monday to tease…something. A big announcement is coming your way later this week! — Cullen Bunn 🎃 (@cullenbunn) January 17, 2017 What exactly this is is[...]
Who Is Kid Kaiju And What Secrets Does He Hold For Marvel's Monsters Unleashed?
Yesterday, Newsarama published an article with the headline: "Could MONSTERS UNLEASHED All Be The Fault Of This New Character?" We asked ourselves: could this article be more clickable? If an article with a question in the headline generates so many clicks, how much more clickable would an article which consisted entirely of nothing but questions[...]
Sana Amanat and Margeret Stohl Talk Civil War 2 Aftermath On Marvel Live Stream
Kelly Thompson pitched me this really great idea of her as a private investigator in LA." Amanat described the book as "the superhero world meets Veronica Mars," and "a beautiful, visual experience of LA." Finally, Amanat discussed Marvel's plans to combat event fatigue: by immediately kicking off another super-mega-crossover event in the form of Monsters Unleashed![...]
Creating Monsters For The 21st Century – Behind-The-Scenes Of Monsters Unleashed
Marvel's big upcoming event Monsters Unleashed has gotten a behind-the-scenes video featuring editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, assistant editor Christina Harrington, senior editor Mark Paniccia, They talk about how this is about building monsters for the 21st century, but more than that, it's about increasing the Marvel Universe and having heroes put their differences aside and band together[...]
Marvel Unleashes Four "Gwensters" Variants
Gwensters Unleashed variants are variant covers for Marvel's upcoming Monsters Unleashed super-mega-crossover event which feature classic Marvel monsters reimagined as Gwen Stacy It's part of Marvel's ongoing push to make a Gwen Stacy or Deadpool version of every character in existence Marvel is giving the people what they want, and what they want is Gwen[...]