The Life of the Long Distance Cartoonist – Evan Dorkin

In recent days, comic book creator Evan Dorkin, of Milk & Cheese, Bill & Ted, Eltingville, Dork and Beasts Of Burden has been posting about his lot in life. Especially regarding the much-delayed Beasts Of Burden series with Jill Thompson. but also about his career and his time of life. It has been shared a lot with many supportive comments.

As a long-time fan of Evan's work since Pirate Corp$, it makes for depressing reading, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. On Twitter he posted;


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I'm in a bar. It's dark. I'm three sheets to the wind. I need this.

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Ethan is also using his Instagram to show the hardcovers he is selling. And those that he is keeping. He's not entirely sure how he came by it all…


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Those who do want to show the love, in any small way, Evan Dorkin's store with Sarah Dyer, House Of Fun, can be found here, and he has an Amazon store too.

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