Surprise Panel Guest Charlie Cox Expresses His Love For Arsenal At New York Comic Con

Joe Glass writes for Bleeding Cool from New York Comic Con:

On a very wet Sunday at New York Comic Con, Marvel brought their Cup O' Joe panel to the show — with a new twist. Now with a more guest-specific plan, and an interview.

The line to get in was not as big as some other Marvel panels, nor pretty much every DC panels, but with many staying in the room from the previous Marvel Animation panel, the panel was decently full.

Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada came on to explain the new format, and the idea of looking to ask the kind of questions people may not know or suspect, as the guest will be someone who we will know for their work.

The mystery guest is a male, a master of the craft, a fantastic father, incredibly competitive, and only wears black, white, grey, and blue. The surprise guest? Charlie Cox, star of Marvel's Daredevil.

Cox denies being super competitive when thanking the crowd for the applause.

Quesada asks Cox about his new movie about the 2015 robbery in the diamond district in London, which was perpetrated by a group of 70-year-old robbers. He plays the part of the mysterious younger member of the group of robbers, that they only knew as 'Basil'.

What would he want to be if not an actor? Cox says a football player, if it was a fantasy job, but perhaps more realistically a travel writer — something where he gets to travel the world a lot. Or maybe a real high-end landscape gardener.

Cox on his favourite sports team, he actually says that it's Arsenal, not Chelsea, like some might expect given where he grew up. As a result, when he could afford it and was old enough, he wound up moving right next to the stadium. He jokes he'd never have considered playing Daredevil if he didn't wear red.

Quesada about the difference between US sports fans and UK sports fans, and how those in the UK tend to sing songs, and Cox refused to sing one of them on stage for us.

Talking about the rivals of Arsenal, Quesada unbuttons his shirt to reveal he's wearing a Tottenham Hotspur shirt.

Talking about his parents and their lighthearted way of finding the funny side of Cox's life as an actor, and his mother often Googles him to find the strangest, oddest reviews and comments. He shared a story of how his mother showed him a comment she found when he was announced as being in Daredevil, where a commenter wrote, "I don't know who this guy is, but I don't like his face."

Cox was raised Catholic, much like Matt Murdock, whom he plays on the Netflix series. He talked about how as a child for the longest time he misheard the phrase 'Peace be with you' used as part of the congregation, and kept saying to people 'pleased to meet you'.

His parents in fact were very supportive of his career as an actor, seeing that he had a gift for it and encouraging him to pursue it.

Cox talks about being a very enthusiastic person, and how in boarding school he'd have trouble falling asleep because he'd be excited for breakfast.

In the process of telling a story about breakfasts and when he usually starts to get in shape before filming for Daredevil, Cox accidentally intimated that Daredevil Season 3 starts filming in a month or so.

Cox talks about applying to McDonalds for a job, which he didn't wind up getting, and on the way back he bumped into some old neighbours of his, who asked what he was doing. He admitted he was looking for a job, and they turned out to be fashion photographers, and offered him a job as an assistant. They knew some acting contacts, and in conversation it led to them helping him getting into acting professionally.

Ending out with a short audience Q&A, and the first question on the need for diversity of faith in comics and why it is needed now, Quesada answers that it's less about diversity and more about inclusion. It's something that is important to do, but also needs to come through the need of the story.

Cox answers how he spent a ton of time with a blind consultant for Daredevil that helped him to create a more genuine performance in terms of how he holds his head and such as a blind character. Though on the way he translates the point-of-view shot for a character who is blind, so to show that he has heard something, he actually took the head cocking motion from his dog.

Cox is rereading the Daredevil comics that really got him into the character when he first auditioned, which would be Born Again, which Quesada seemed to mouth…

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