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Cast of Reverie NBC at New York Comic Con 2017

Empathy And VR: NBC's 'Reverie' Press Roundtable From New York Comic Con 2017

Reverie is one of NBC's biggest new shows, scheduled to debut early next year during midseason. It's a science-fiction psychological drama starring Sarah Shahi as Mara Kindt, a former hostage negotiator who has been tasked to rescue people trapped in a virtual reality simulation of their memories. The VR technology that lets them enter their […]

LGBTQ Writers And Creators Talk Queer Pop Culture At NYCC 2017

Rosilyne Bean wrote from New York Comic Con 2017: New York Times tech columnist and book review editor Jude Biersdorfer hosted this year's Queer Pop Culture panel at NYCC. She was joined by several artists, activists, and cosplayers in discussion of their experiences and work in the community. David Barclay Moore was there to discuss his […]


Saturday Cosplay And Hall Shots From NYCC 2017!

Another New York Comic Con is here, and with it are some pretty cool sights to be had. People from all over are here showing off their awesome and impressive cosplay, while large industry displays dazzle and wow the crowd. Check out some of the cool sights from Saturday below! And as always, if you […]

'The Magicians': A Frank, Emotional Talk About Trauma And Mental Illness At NYCC

From Bleeding Cool reporter Amanda Gurall:   Syfy presented The Magicians at the Hammerstein Ballroom at NYCC with executive producers Sera Gamble and John McNamera and cast members Jason Ralph (Quentin), Stella Maeve (Julia), Olivia Taylor Dudley (Alice), Arjun Gupta (Penny) and Hale Appleman (Eliot). Summer Bishil, who plays Margo, was sick and did not […]

Image comics at nycc 2017

Image Comics Gives Us A Peek Into The Creative Process At NYCC

Rosilyne Bean wrote from New York Comic Con 2017: Today, Image Comics closed NYCC with a panel entitled Image Comics: The Future of Storytelling. David Brothers (Branding Manager at Image Comics) hosted the panel, and was joined by Marjorie Liu (Monstress), Cliff Chiang (Paper Girls), Kyle Higgins (Hadrian's Wall), Nikki Ryan (The Family Trade), Andrew […]

Andrew Lincoln Wants Rick's Hand Chopped Off, And More From NYCC 2017

Over the past few years, The Walking Dead and ReedPOP's New York Comic Con have gone together like Negan's Lucille and Glenn's head (ooph), and this year wasn't about to be any different. With the show's Season 8 premiere and 100th episode only two weeks away, the cast and crew from AMC's hit zombie series […]

Peter Capaldi at New York Comic Con 2017

Who Really Won New York Comic Con? – Part 2

Joe Glass writes in the aftermath New York Comic Con 2017: Having previously discussed the idea of 'who won New York Comic Con' in terms of the Big Two, given Joe Quesada's old joke talks on social media that Marvel won, I briefly mentioned that it was quite arguably those in Artists Alley who won. […]

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Who Won New York Comic Con? – Part 1

Joe Glass writes in the aftermath of New York Comic Con 2017: With New York Comic Con over for yet another year, now comes a time of reflection. A chance to consider what worked, what didn't, who came out smelling like roses, and who came out smelling considerably less favourably. Time was, as part of […]

Enter Amazon's The Museum of 'Lore'…If You Dare! (VIDEO)

With less than a week to go before the series premiere, attendees at this year's New York Comic Con were given a chance to confront some of the real-life horrors that await them in Amazon's new horror anthology series Lore. Based on Aaron Mahnke's award-winning podcast that uses a "campfire/scary stories" structure to examine the dark […]

Tales Of 'American Gods': Ricky Whittle, Yetide Badaki & Pablo Schreiber

Riding high off of the critical and ratings success of American Gods' first season and only a few months before filming commences on Season 2 of the Starz series, stars Ricky Whittle (Shadow Moon), Yetide Badaki (Bilquis) and Pablo Schreiber (Mad Sweeney) descended upon New York Comic Con 2017 this past weekend to discuss a wide […]


'Batman Vs. Two-Face' Gives An Emotional Sendoff To Adam West At NYCC

Jason Borelli writes: Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the Batman television series. Warner Bros. marked that event in part with Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, an animated movie featuring Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin. Prior to the release of the sequel, West passed away at the age of […]


Transformers Prepares For The Power Of The Primes With Hasbro

Transformers: Power of the Primes will finish up the current trilogy of stories that also included Titans Return and The Combiner Wars. The bots who shaped the universe, the Primes, are infecting the Transformers line from Hasbro for the foreseeable future. Here is everything revealed at NYCC 2017! Transformers: Generations Power of the Primes Alchemist […]


NYCC 2017 From A First-Timer: "I've Never Been More Proud To Be A Geek"

Freddy Valle writes: When I was a child I remember having a shameless sense of play and wonder. I can't recall when exactly I became a proper geek, but it all started very young. Once I reached my teen years, I suddenly began restraining myself. Being into manga, or video games wasn't necessarily considered "cool" […]

Project Hikari

The Next Level Of Manga: The Project Hikari VR Experience At NYCC 2017

Freddy Valle writes from New York Comic Con 2017: At this year's NYCC, I had the chance to do my first VR experience through Square Enix, Project Hikari, which has been in development for quite some time now. The project is an immersive, interactive VR experience that allows you to explore the world of a manga story. […]

Castle Rock: Cast & Producers Talk Hulu's Stephen King Series @ NYCC

Since its founding, Castle Rock has been a home for the horrific, from serial killers, and a demonic St. Bernard to a tempting devil. It's a town filled with secrets, so it's only fitting that Hulu's upcoming psychological-horror drama series from J.J. Abrams keep that secretive town tradition alive. Setting up a series of press roundtables […]

Nerd Food: Campbell Soup's Star Wars Display At New York Comic Con 2017

The force is strong with Campbell soup, who had a very impressive Star Wars themed display located at 10th ave and 37th Street in New York City this past weekend. The display was designed by Frederick Anderson, who used 38,000 soup cans (which weighed in at 22,000 lbs), and took 300 hours to create. Anderson […]


'Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe' Cast Talks The Upcoming Web Series At NYCC 2017

Octavio Karbank writes from New York Comic Con 2017: Featuring vibrant characters and storylines that defy the typical superhero conventions, you'd be hard-pressed to pick up a Valiant comic and not experience inspiration at reading these emotionally complex, yet equally bombastic stories. Founded in 1989, Valiant Comics' unique flavor generated an entirely new group of […]