Chrononauts Gets A Sequel In 2016 From Mark Millar And Sean Gordon Murphy

ChrononautsMark Millar talks about Chrononauts artist Sean Gordon Murphy and the sequel to their comic, to CBR

It's insane! Every panel could be a poster. I don't know how he can maintain this, but he's doing it. He's coming back for "Chrononauts 2." We're starting it at the end of this year, around December, and it'll come out next summer. He's very, very professional. He has a huge calendar on the wall with all the dates he has to complete issues by, and he never complains. If I say to him, "Draw a castle in 1502 in the summertime in the Middle East," Sean will make it look exactly like it should. I don't know where he finds the reference. You can't exactly Google this stuff. But he's amazing.


Actually, I'm thinking we're going to the future for the next one. If you notice, all of the time jumps you see take place before 2015. Every single jump was in history, but in the next one, every jump is into the future. I like the idea of a sequel being completely different than the first one. Jumping around the timestream again wouldn't have felt as special for a sequel, but this feels like completely uncharted territory. It feels a bit more like Buck Rogers, with two modern day guys going into the future, and that creates an entirely different kind of story.

Yes, it's Buck Rogers…

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