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Mark Millar
Planned comics Run with Ashley Wood and King & Country were never published. Wanted Chosen/American Jesus The Unfunnies Kick-Ass/Hit-Girl War Heroes Nemesis Superior Supercrooks Kingsman/Secret Service MPH Jupiter's Legacy Starlight Huck Chrononauts Empress Reborn The Magic Order Prodigy Sharkey the Bounty Hunter Space Bandits King of Spies The Magic Order Night Club The Ambassadors Big Game The bolded above re part of Big Game… but the eleven more? You could probably eliminate Wanted, Unfunnies and War Heroes over other issues, and[...]
Chrononauts Gets A Sequel In 2016 From Mark Millar And Sean Gordon Murphy
Mark Millar talks about Chrononauts artist Sean Gordon Murphy and the sequel to their comic, to CBR… It's insane! Every panel could be a poster I don't know how he can maintain this, but he's doing it He's coming back for "Chrononauts 2." We're starting it at the end of this year, around December, and it'll[...]
Is Valiant's Book Of Death The Biggest Non-Big Two #2 of 2015?
Okay, so, it's no Star Wars #2. But when Valiant's summer crossover event, Book of Death, kicked off in July, the publisher was quick to tout the fact that sales of the first issue had surpassed 70,000 copies, making it their biggest single issue debut of the modern day. But, if the recent stratospheric launches of series like[...]
Top 3 Image Picks Releasing This Week
Chrononauts #4 It was only a matter of time, but the time traveling exploits of scientist BFFs knowns as the Chrononauts has reached its conclusion Doctor Corbin Quinn's former second in command General Sarvar has betrayed the time traveling duo and has taken the lone remaining chrono-suit Sarvar aims to use it's power for his own[...]
Mark Millar And Sean Murphy Make An Early Bid For Next Year's Eisner Awards
Precisely the time a rather interesting Bleeding Cool panel will end… Mark Millar is not nominated this year, though Sean Gordon Murphy has three nominations for his work on The Wake with Scott Snyder. But next year? They both have an inkling that The Chrononauts will be up for a gong That's if today's final issue is[...]
The 7 Coolest Image Titles You Should Be Reading
Here are seven of the coolest Image titles that you should be adding to your pull list. 1.) Chrononauts Bestselling writer Mark Millar (Kick Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service) and artist Sean Murphy (The Wake, Punk Rock Jesus) combine forces to tell a bro-mance throughout time A buddy-cop/sci-fi tale, Chrononauts follows the adventures of NASA scientists Doctor[...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 19th April 2014 – Convergence Surges
We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion. Convergence is back at the top in almost all stores, with a big Convergence presence throughout, a string launch for Bloodshot Reborn and Chrononauts returning well too… 1 Convergence #2 2 Thor #7 3 Uncanny X-men #33 4 Convergence: Batman-Shadow of the Bat #1 5 Bloodshot Reborn #1 6 Legendary Star Lord[...]
A Comic Show – Archie Vs. Predator Vs. Convergence!
Chrononauts #2 finally did what I've wanted time travel stuff to do (Jesus stuff) Spread Volume 1 is here, it's like Lone Wolf & Cub vs and all-consuming ecosystem, raiders, monsters, cannibals, and religious fanatics The Tithe is like what if Joel Olsteen's mega church got robbed (oh wait…it did) Sabrina #2 is finally here,[...]
And Finally… The Chrononauts 'Back To The Future' Reprint Cover
If you didn't buy the first issue of Mark Millar and Sean Murphy's Chrononauts from Image Comics, you did good. Why? Because you now get to buy the second print we talked about before, with this cover… Where you're going, you don't need first prints. And while we are at it, here are the Adventure Time and Giant Days second[...]
Prints Charming: Death Of Donatello, Chrononauts And Postal
In for a penny… We already mentioned that Darth Vader #3 has gone to a second print, on the back of anticipation brand new characters. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #44 featuring the apparent death of Donatello (though we think we know better) has gone to second print with the offending panel used as a new cover, published[...]
Universal Pictures Options Millar And Murphy's Chrononauts
Universal Pictures has optioned the Mark Millar and Sean Gordon Murphy time-travel / adventure comic Chrononauts The story of the first two men to travel through time just hit comic shops this week The film will be produced by Chris Morgan who has written five of the Fast & The Furious films including Furious 7[...]
A Comic Show – Chrononauts Fixed June's Batgirl Cover!
This video starts with last week's Howard The Duck and Bill and Ted, because I enjoyed them both immensely. Image had several first issues, Chrononauts being the biggest It's a Mark Millar time travel series that's kinda of like what if Bill and Ted built their time machine It's a very promising start with timey shenanigans[...]
Cover Variance: Three Harleys, Two Doctors And The Chrononauts
Here's a look at the Harley Quinn #16 triptych of covers featuring The Gang of Harleys, that combines the original standard cover, and the 1:25 variant combined with a second 1:25 cover to make three of them by Amanda Conner. The Third Eye variant by Chris Weston for Chrononauts #1  Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #1 cover variant for Gifts For[...]
Chrononauts – A New Comic From Mark Millar And Sean Gordon Murphy? (UPDATE)
We have, if nothing else, the name and creative team. Really, we have nothing else. The new comic book, presumably from Image Comics, is Chrononauts by Mark Millar and Sean Gordon Murphy. No details, no art, no anything, but the name does suggest time travelling explorers, does it not? There was a card game released a while ago[...]