Comics Conspiracy of California Moves to Subs and Special Orders Only

Ryan Higgins of Comics Conspiracy in Sunnyvale, California has informed customers that he will only be ordering for subscriptions and special orders from now on, and no longer stocking any comic books 'for the shelf'. So if customers want stuff, a) they have to tell him and b) they have to tell him now, as it's Final Order Cut-Off and c) getting a ComicHub account, as we mentioned earlier,m is paying off. He writes,


Starting with orders we're placing on Monday, Comics Conspiracy will only be ordering for subscriptions and special orders. We will not be stocking shelf copies of any new product. Since we're not allowed to be open, and there's no way to guarantee this shutdown will end in a few weeks—most estimates put a coronavirus vaccine at 18 months out, and expect a national shutdown sooner than later—we cannot risk product we have a limited chance of selling.

If you have a subscription and you've been using your ComicHub account to order product, keep doing that. Every Friday, the Last Call For Confirmed Orders list will go live on the main page. This is the full list of items with an order-by date of Monday evening, so you have the weekend to place your orders. Comic books usually ship three weeks later, with toys and graphic novels coming out in the following months.

Each month when the new Previews catalog is released, all the items from the catalog can be browsed by clicking the Latest Items check box on the main page and pressing the green GO button. That will filter just the most recent items into the Current Search page. Not all companies and products are available on Last Call, so please use the Latest Items search for small press titles, toys, and specialty items.

We understand not all customers want to use the online subscription services to add comics to their pull list. The other option is just to email us at with your orders, we're happy to manually add them for you. Please visit Previewsworld for the latest Previews catalog, and Final Orders Due for a full list of Last Call items.

Even if an item is past the order due date, we can still reorder it. Place an order via ComicHub or email us and we'll get it added right away. Please note, reorders can take 1-2 additional weeks to come in past the release date, and some items do sell out quickly. We'll let you know if we're unable to get the item for you.

If you're interested in older items, please use Diamond Comics' Search tool and email us to special order these items. Please note, most older single issues are sold out, but we're always happy to check for you. Many graphic novels are always available to order at any time. ComicHub is working on importing this feature into your account, but it's still a ways off. Once you're able to order older stock through ComicHub, we'll send out an update—we've been anticipating this feature for quite some time now!

Subscribers can pay for their pullbox from the Order History page in their customer account. Please see this instructional video for step-by-step instructions on how to access it and pay:

We have limited windows for curbside pick-up: Mon 11am-1pm, Wed 11am-1pm / 6pm-8pm, Sat 11am-1pm. If you've paid ahead of time, just drive up at the designated time and stay in your car, we'll bring out your order. There is always a chance the city will ask us to stop curbside pick-up. If that happens, we will move to 100% mail order.

We're also happy to ship your orders now, if you prefer. A shipping option is being added to the ComicHub customer check-out page in the next day or two, please look for that soon. In the meantime, a temporary shipping charge can be added to your purchase. Email us and we can get that set up before you check out.

If you prefer to pay in cash, or have trouble using the ComicHub online payment system, please email the store and we will set something up.

If you are a walk-in customer and do not have a subscription, we ask you set one up. As stated above, in a few weeks we will have no shelf copies of any new titles for the foreseeable future. If you're receiving this email, even if you don't have a subscription, you DO have an active ComicHub account. Please email if you need help accessing your account. If you're seeing this posted on our social media pages, visit ComicHub to set up an account and we'll reply quickly to get your account activated.

We still have a store full of products we can sell. Your ComicHub login is also your Comics Conspiracy login. Any item purchased there can be added to your pullbox for pick-up or delivery. Any comic book or graphic novel purchased through our store website will also come with some bonus comics—we have tons of used graphic novels and back issues we can't sell at this point. Please enjoy the extra items we include in your purchase, or give them to a friend or family member.

If the coronavirus outbreak has limited your income and you can no longer afford to pay for your subscription, please let us know. We are more than happy to reopen your account once you're back to work.

We have no idea what the comic industry is going to be like over the coming months. We're waiting to hear what Marvel, DC, and Diamond Comics are going to do to help out the stores and the industry. Once this is all over, we fully intend to reopen and go back to normal, or as normal as we can. This is a scary time for the world, and especially scary for small businesses. We thank you for your continued support during this crisis, and hope that you and your family and friends are all staying healthy and safe.

Ryan Higgins
Owner, Comics Conspiracy

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