ComiXology Originals Announces Virtual Plans for Comic-Con@Home

ComiXology Originals have big convention plans this week for Amazon Virtual-Con and Comic-Con@Home, the virtual event replacing San Diego Comic-Con this year. On the heels of their breakout series, Youth by Curt Pires and Alex Diotto, which already has an Amazon TV series in development and a second season of the comic greenlit for production. Readers of the digital-platform-turned-publisher's content can expect to hear from Pires, who reportedly has three other series coming at ComiXology Originals, as well as creators such as Chip Zdarsky, Claudia Aguirre, Elizabeth Beals, and more.

ComiXology Originals logo and ComicCon@Home logo. Credit: Both organization's official websites.
ComiXology Originals logo and ComicCon@Home logo. Credit: Both organization's official websites.

ComiXology Originals announced their upcoming virtual panels for this week, which include:

Friday, July 24— Amazon Virtual-Con

5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET — Comic Book Movie Trivia Night hosted by Eisner Award winner Chip Zdarsky on the comiXology Twitch channel.

Saturday, July 25— Comic-Con@Home

3:00 PM PT/6:00pm ET–ComiXology Originals: Creator-Owned Comics and Beyond

Are you currently reading digital comics? Are you familiar with comiXology's exclusive digital content program – comiXology Originals? Join comiXology's Head of Content, Chip Mosher and a cast of beloved comic creators and rising-stars including, this year's Eisner Award Nominees for Best Digital Comic writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Jason Loo (AFTERLIFT), artist Claudia Aguirre (Lost onPlanet Earth), writer Curt Pires (YOUTH), writer Johnnie Christmas (Crema), writer Jeremy Holt (Virtually Yours) to get the scoop on the latest comiXology Originals series direct from the creators making them! They'll intrigue you with behind-the-scenes stories about the process of bringing comics from concept to the page and what it's like pushing the envelope with digital comics, and beyond.

For the full Amazon Virtual-Con schedule, including events below, please check, beginning July 23, here:

ComiXologist Kiwi will host live drawing sessions on comiXology's Twitch channel with GLAAD Media Award winning illustrator Tula Lotay and three-time New York Times best-selling British artist Jock.

Kiwi will also host an interview series with creators from comiXology's Originals line of exclusive digital content, including Curt Pires & Dee Cunniffe (YOUTH), Jeremy Holt & Elizabeth Beals (Virtually Yours), and Johnnie Christmas (Crema).

Will the Comic-Con@Home panels uncover what other titles Curt Pires has with the publisher, or potentially reveal more of their upcoming slate? Only time will tell, but ComiXology Originals seems primed and ready to use their connection to Amazon to rise in the ranks of comics power players.

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