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ComiXology Announces Memoria by Curt Pires and Sunando C
Amazon announced a new entry in its ComiXology Originals series of creator-owned comics dropping digitally next week: Memoria by Curt Pires and Sunando C The series is a mystery thriller about two detectives investigating the most prolific serial killer in the history of America A press release describes the series: When two troubled detectives are paired[...]
Help – A Comic Book Kickstarter To Benefit The Hero Initiative
Knave, Sean Konot, Piotr Kowalski, Ilias Kyriazis, Jonathan Lang, Christine Larsen, Janet Lee, John Lees, Fabian Lelay, Shawn Lee, Cath Lobo, Marissa Louise, Andrew MacLean, Andy MacDonald, James Maddox, Ariana Maher, Ryan Maniulit, Shaun Manning, Shanna Matuszak, Hannah Means-Shannon, Oliver Mertz, Joe Mulvey, Andrea Mutti, Micah Myers, Mike Norton, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Eric Palicki, Chas! Pangburn,[...]
Dark Horse Has Curt Pires' Signed Jock Bookplates For Youth FOC
Arriving in print in April 2021, Dark Horse Comics' Youth Volume 1 collects issues #1-#4 of the ComiXology Originals superfiction comic book series written by Olympia co-creators Curt Pires with art by Alex Diotto, coloured by Dee Cunniffe, and lettered by Micah Myers A sequel to Youth is underway and the comic series is in[...]
ComiXology Originals Announces Virtual Plans for Comic-Con@Home
On the heels of their breakout series, Youth by Curt Pires and Alex Diotto, which already has an Amazon TV series in development and a second season of the comic greenlit for production Readers of the digital-platform-turned-publisher's content can expect to hear from Pires, who reportedly has three other series coming at ComiXology Originals, as well[...]
Youth #1
These myths perpetrated by people who couldn't compete in stronger marketplaces, it is the pressure that drove George Lucas and Janelle Monae and numerous other creative geniuses to build more interesting worlds. The cover of Youth #1 a ComiXology Originals with a creative team of Curt Pires, Alex Diotto, Dee Cunniffe, Micah Myers.     Here, two similarly disaffected[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Whose Job Is It To Sell Comics, Anyway?
Go figure. Setting aside the blame game, Curt Pires responded simply to defend the besmirched honor of comics creators everywhere. are any creators really leaving because they don't love comics? Feel like more often then not the high turnover and people seeking recognition in other fields has more to do with how hard it is to make[...]
Curt Pires and Antonio Fuso Blend James Bond and The X-Files in Wyrd
Dark Horse has announced a new 4-issue mini-series by Curt Pires and Antonio Fuso hitting stores in January Called Wyrd, the detective comic is billed as "James Bond meets The X-Files." A press release provides more details: There are some cases that are simply too weird for law enforcement to solve[...]
Miniseries Worth Reading: The Fiction TP
The series is called The Fiction, and it's written by Curt Pires, with art by David Rubin It's been about a year since I sat down to read the first issue, and I remember how strongly I felt that the comic would fly off the shelves The presence of magical books excited me to no[...]
The Fiction #2 Will Captivate You From Start To Finish
From BOOM! Studios, written by Curt Pires, with art by David Rubin, The Fiction #2 gives the word danger a whole new meaning! Here's what we know so far…four childhood friends named Tsang, Tyler, Kassie, and Max discover a box of strange books, but not just any books These books have the power to transport[...]
Magical Books & More! The Fiction Is Coming From BOOM In June
Coming from BOOM! Studios, written by Curt Pires (POP, Mayday) with art by David Rubin, is The Fiction #1 The story centers around four childhood friends who discover a box of strange books, but not just any books These books have the power to transport people to the beautiful worlds described within them, when read[...]
POP Comes To Psychotropic Trade This Week And POP #1 Is Free On Bleeding Cool
Though it always still works on me, the use of psychedelic artwork and colors is becoming popular these days, however, I'd argue that POP goes so far beneath the surface of that craze that it's psychotropic in its own right rather than merely psychedelic in its aesthetics. Written by Curt Pires, with art by Jason Copland,[...]