Could New Avengers Be 'Saga Done Right?'

From today's New Avengers #4… we have a story of two people, one Kree, one Skrull… destined to fight each other.


But instead of fighting… they did something else.


And now…IMG_0078

Okay, it's a tale as old as time, but am I the only one who thought of another comic book being published today, currently on its thirty-second issue? There was an apocryphal story that Marvel described their Sleepwalker comic book as "Sandman done right." Is New Avengers going down a similar route with Saga? Let's check in with that comic as well..


Okay, so it's probably still got a way to go…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, currently  showcasing the work of the artists involved with Avery Hill, a publishing company based in South London.



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