Could We Get A Final Wonder Woman Story From Nicola Scott?

wonder-woman-nicola-scottNicola Scott teased us all about her final DC project.

To see out my contract, I'll be doing a short but personal project with my all time favourite character, then…… I'm stepping into the world of Creator Owned for a while.

Her next announced project after that is for Alan Moore's ElectriComics, something called Sway with Leah Moore and John Reppion.

But checking in with an old interview with Gail Simone, 

1) It's no secret that I love your work and love your Wonder Woman in particular. It's also clear that Wonder Woman is one of your most cherished characters. Can you tell us a little bit about what struck you about her, what you find so appealing?

Wonder Woman was the very first super hero character I ever saw. I was sitting there with my sisters and cousins (six girls in total, no boys) watching what I now know was the pilot episode of The New, Original Wonder Woman. I was four and I've never looked back since. After that I got hooked on the Super Friends, Batman re-runs, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, Isis, etc, every superhero I could find but Wonder Woman was always the first and the best in my eye.

In a very direct way Wonder Woman was responsible for me deciding to draw comics. When trying to work out what the hell I was going to do with the rest of my life I had managed to pin it down to drawing but what would I really be happy drawing all day, everyday, if I had to? When it occurred to me that drawing Wonder Woman everyday would make me happy I had this perfect moment of clarity. That right then someone, somewhere in the world, had the job of drawing Wonder Woman everyday and their job was in comics.

Could it be that her final swan song at DC is to be back with Diana? And might the digital first Sensation Comics be the place to do it, to give us a Wonder Woman that's a little more

Oh, well, for the last, oh gosh, it's got to be probably about 15 years there has been a version of Wonder Woman that has been quite aggressive. She's not really the Wonder Woman I relate to, she's more of a Xena Warrior Princess version of Wonder Woman. It's a fashion, and it's a trend in comics.

I see Wonder Woman, at her core, as quite compassionate. She has a lot of solidarity, and she is very inclusive, so despite being physically perfect, she's more than that. She's gifted by the gods in almost every aspect of her life — with her compassion, wisdom, nature, power, and beauty.

Sounds quite the fit for something Sensational…

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