Court Rules to Protect Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter's Emails in Bizarre Tennis Court Feud with Rival Billionaire

A dramatic reversal of fortunes has occurred in the ongoing war between Marvel Chairman and Trump advisor Ike Perlmutter and rival billionaire Harold Peerenboom that started as a struggle for power and influence at the tennis club in the Sloan's Curve neighborhood where both men live.

Peerenboom has accused Perlmutter of sending hate mail to neighbors and prison inmates smearing Peerenboom as a pedophile and anti-semite. Perlmutter admits distributing negative newspaper clippings about Peerenboom to friends and neighbors but denies the more salacious hate mail campaign, instead attributing it to a false flag operation executed by a former Peerenboom employee. Perlmutter has accused Peerenboom of stealing his DNA.

You know. Just normal billionaire stuff.

As part of the legal battle, a court ordered Perlmutter and Disney hand over Perlmutter's business emails, leading to more accusations that Perlmutter used Marvel's legal resources to pursue a vendetta against Peerenboom. A previous victory excluded Perlmutter's emails to his lawyers, but in the most recent development, an appeal has overturned the original court order, ruling that Perlmutter's emails are protected by the work doctrine. Perlmutter's legal firm revealed their victory in a press release, saying:

After the trial court denied our motion for a protective order, we successfully secured an emergency stay from the First Department pending appeal. On appeal, we argued that the trial court erred in declining to protect clear work product, failed to apply CPLR 3101(d)(2) to protect the work product of private investigators retained by counsel, and erroneously held that attorney invoices containing detailed time entries did not constitute work product. The First Department unanimously reversed, and rather than remanding to the trial court for further consideration, held that all 106 documents subject to appeal were, in fact, protected work product.

The Chairman of Marvel Entertainment, Perlmutter also serves as an advisor to President Donald Trump on matters of veteran's health care. Perlmutter has recently been named a power broker who helped decide the fate of recently ousted VA Secretary David Shulkin. Perlmutter and his wife Laura Perlmutter donated heavily to Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, and have continued to financially support his political interests after Trump's victory.

Court Rules to Protect Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter's Emails in Bizarre Tennis Court Feud with Rival Billionaire

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