Is Cullen Bunn Looking to Bring Back Adult Cyclops in X-Men Blue?

Could we soon see the return of beloved X-Men leader Cyclops to the Marvel Universe? Superstar writer Cullen Bunn sparked speculation on the subject when he took to Twitter Wednesday to ask for the location of Cyclops's grave:

An original member of the X-Men, Scott Summers was killed in the Death of X event comic, which took place after the Secret Wars super-mega-crossover event and led into the Inhumans vs. X-Men super-mega-crossover event. While the final nail in Cyclops's coffin may have been Marvel's desire to replace the X-Men with the Inhumans due to more favorable movie rights disposition, the assassination of his character actually began during the X-Men: Schism event, which saw Cyclops painted as a villain and lectured by the sanctimonious Wolverine about putting children in danger, even though Wolverine has literally murdered his own children, has a long history of teaming up with teenage girls to fight crime, and is always talking about being "the best he is at what he does," which happens to be stabbing people to death with his adamantium-laced claws.

Marvel's systematic tearing down of the great Scott Summers continued in the Avengers vs. X-Men event comic, in which the Avengers invaded the sovereign mutant nation of Utopia demanding that the X-Men hand over Hope Summers, an innocent teenager, so that she could be imprisoned on the moon for future crimes she might commit under the influence of a bird-themed cosmic death god. Wolverine, of course, sided with the Avengers and Captain America, who were portrayed as heroes during the vent, even while an arrogant Iron Man used technology to split the Phoenix Force into five unwitting X-Men, who used the Phoenix's power to make the world a better place before the Avengers branded them villains and took them down.

Bunn's X-Men Blue has been a stellar X-book throughout its run, even recently winning the X-ual Healing Wolverine's Weiner X-Pick of the Week award, but if Bunn were to bring back our beloved Scott Summers, we would be forced to give it that award every week, even weeks when a new issue isn't published. Of course, it's possible that Bunn is looking for Cyclops's grave for other reasons, especially since, as a horror writer, he's sure to have a ghoulish side. Then again, the whole thing could be misdirection.

Either way, keep an eye on X-Men Blue and maybe Cyclops fans like us will finally get what they've so long deserved.

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